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    Leonard Pitts’ journalistic dog whistle

    Appearing in today’s Greensboro News & Record, syndicated columnist Leonard Pitts says when the history of this (the Trump) era is written, the “non Fox News media” will be blamed for “surrendering to a boneless “both-sideism” that simulates professional impartiality at the cost of clarity and fact.” In other…
    Sam Hieb, September 13, 2018
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    $5 million campaign for victims rights constitutional amendment

    Charlotte Observer reports on the $5 million campaign to help pass the proposed amendment to the N.C. Constitution that would ensure victims rights. As I’m sure you’ve heard, the amendment is one of six proposed constitutional amendments on the November ballot. Associated Press (via the Observer) reports: The…
    Sam Hieb, September 11, 2018
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    13th Congressional District money race part II

    Veteran Greensboro News & Record reporter Taft Wireback–one of the few reporters left down on East Market Street* takes another look at the money race in the 13th Congressional District matchup between incumbent Rep. Ted Budd and challenger Kathy Manning: Despite the Democratic challenger’s refusal to take campaign contributions…
    Sam Hieb, September 10, 2018
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    State superintendent, board still sparring over education control

    At this week’s meeting of the North Carolina Board of Education, two new officers were unanimously elected—former Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board member Eric Davis was elected chairman while former Guilford County school board chairman Alan Duncan was elected vice chair. But it was not all business—board members took the…
    Sam Hieb, September 7, 2018
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    ‘NC congressional elections to proceed as scheduled’

    ..Reads the News & Observer headline: North Carolina’s 13 congressional districts will remain in place and so will the Nov. 6, 2018 election, a federal three-judge panel ruled Tuesday. The panel ruled last week that the districts are unconstitutional due to “partisan gerrymandering” designed to produce 10 Republican seats.
    Sam Hieb, September 5, 2018
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    NC gerrymandering case written for a Supreme Court audience of one….well, two

    News & Observer columnist Ned Barnett expressive some wishful thinking regarding the recent federal court ruling that North Carolina’s 13 Congressional districts were gerrymandered: The ruling represents the strongest argument yet against the line-drawing tactic that has warped election outcomes and polarized politics. In the short term, the ruling…
    Sam Hieb, September 4, 2018
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    Judge rules that Obamacare tax was illegal

    Six states were recently awarded money in a settlement that sought to address a controversial part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), also known as Obamacare. The lawsuit challenged the constitutionality of a fee that was levied on…
    Jordan Roberts, August 31, 2018
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    Research brief: ‘North Carolina lessons from New York blabbermouths’

    Some people have a gift of shining the light for others even — or especially — when they're not intending to. My research brief this week highlights two such instances, both from New York.
    Jon Sanders, August 30, 2018