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    Confederate monument perspective from the late great Krauthammer

    One my birthday presents was The Point of It All–a collection of columns by the late great political commentator Charles Krauthammer. Incredible to read Krauthammer’s opinion on matters that are pertinent today, only to realize that he had written the column in the mid-’80s or early ’90s. But one…
    Sam Hieb, January 23, 2019
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    Melissa Harris-Perry MLK Day sighting

    Seems to me former MSNBC host and Wake Forest University professor Melissa Harris-Perry has been out of the spotlight for a while now. Just in case you’ve missed her, however, she was the speaker at the 39th Annual MLK Noon Hour Commemoration at Union Baptist Church in Winston-Salem. While…
    Sam Hieb, January 22, 2019
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    High Point mayor still confident about stadium master plan…

    …In spite of last week’s report that Greensboro developer Roy Carroll was backing out of a plan to build a hotel near the city’s $35 million downtown baseball stadium, which is set to open this spring. Mayor Jay Wagner tells the Enterprise: “Obviously, we would love for Roy…
    Sam Hieb, January 21, 2019
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    Charlotte Observer gets new affordable housing reporter. For half price.

    Years ago my wonderful father-in-law urged me not to go into the journalism business. There’s no money in it, he said. He had a friend in the publishing business who said he had so money people willing to write for free—even some people who were willing to pay him to…
    Sam Hieb, January 17, 2019
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    Self preservation may be key to collaboration on redistricting

    On opening day of the 2019-20 General Assembly, we heard lots of promises of collaboration.  There are opportunities to work together; finding a budget that meets the state’s needs while keeping policies that have created strong economic growth, reforms to an archaic alcohol beverage system, and creating a health care…
    Becki Gray, January 17, 2019
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    High-powered developer pulls out of High Point stadium hotel project

    Greensboro developer Roy Carroll has announced he is pulling out of a proposed hotel project near High Point’s $35 million taxpayer-funded downtown baseball stadium. In a statement, Carroll said: “The Carroll Companies will not be moving forward with the development of the downtown High Point hotel. After more…
    Sam Hieb, January 15, 2019
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    May Day, May Day on Brexit

    The rough and tumble of British parliamentary debate is a welcome and entertaining relief from the stodginess of the U.S. Senate and House debates. Today is the last day of the “Meaningful Vote” debate on Brexit. Will Parliment vote for a hard Brexit, a soft Brexit, or no Brexit…
    Kory Swanson, January 15, 2019
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    Tax group’s letter to S.C. legislators references N.C. tax success

    Grover Norquist of Americans for Tax Reform is sending a letter today to the S.C. Senate. It urges senators to follow North Carolina’s lead on tax reform. I urge that you reject any and all efforts to raise taxes, especially at a time when the Palmetto State is…
    Mitch Kokai, January 14, 2019