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    Charlotte, Raleigh Groups Pursue Different Paths For New Pro Soccer Team

    Prospective owners are pushing competing plans to bring Major League Soccer to Charlotte or Raleigh. The Charlotte plan calls for taxpayers to foot the bill for most of the cost of a new stadium. Meanwhile, the Raleigh plan calls for private financing of a stadium that would sit on leased…
    Donna Martinez, July 31, 2017
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    Why Did the Women’s U.S. Open Refuse To Tee Up Controversy?

    Why is it the Women’s US Open stayed away from politics last weekend while other sports leagues have jumped in with two feet, willing to alienate some of their customers/fans? JLF Senior Vice President Jon Pritchett weighs in. The USGA, PGA & LPGA understand golf is a sport, not a…
    Donna Martinez, July 21, 2017
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    Save Your Seat For Monday, June 19 at JLF

    In this presentation, JLF’s Jon Pritchett and Duke University’s Ed Tiryakian will discuss how ESPN, the NCAA, FIFA, the IOC and other sports governing bodies, media partners and corporate leaders are trying to usurp federalism, competition, and common sense in order to advance progressive policies.
    Donna Martinez, June 13, 2017