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    Ignorance of complex N.C. ABC rules doesn’t give state a pass

    Carolina Journal ABC expert, John Trump, writes that the biggest obstacle facing reform is the public having a lack of knowledge on how the system works and who profits from it. Need an explanation of the complex, Prohibition-era heavy-handed ABC laws of the state? Look no further: It’s difficult…
    Anna Manning, February 1, 2019
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    Senator Warren’s Idea of Capitalism

    Today’s editorial in the Wall Street Journal  (paywall) is to the point: Senator Elizabeth Warren wants to turn businesses into de facto public utilities. As an example of what would happen, the editorial looks at the PG&E utility bankruptcy fiasco and the cost to taxpayers.
    Kory Swanson, February 1, 2019
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    New Carolina Journal Online features

    Lindsay Marchello reports for Carolina Journal Online on the push for Medicaid expansion in North Carolina. John Trump’s Daily Journal laments North Carolina’s complex alcohol regulations.
    Mitch Kokai, February 1, 2019
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    Tax cuts, innovation, and economic growth

    Paul Romer won the Nobel prize in economics for showing how innovation creates economic growth. A new working paper from Raj Chetty and his colleagues presents a model of how much innovation results from tax cuts. Their model suggests tax changes “have no impact on the decisions of star inventors,…
    Joseph Coletti, January 31, 2019
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    Junk science plagues federal government’s nutrition, obesity standards

    Edward Archer writes for the Federalist about the impact of dubious science on federal government nutrition and obesity standards. Over the past decade, my colleagues and I have published analyses in top medical and scientific journals showing that no human could survive on the diets the U.S. Department…
    Mitch Kokai, January 31, 2019
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    The costs of anti-franchise rules

    Bill McMorris of the Washington Free Beacon explores the impact of government rules that target franchise businesses. An industry study found that the Obama administration’s crackdown on franchising has cut hundreds of thousands of job openings and dealt a $33.3 billion blow to the economy each year dating…
    Mitch Kokai, January 30, 2019
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    Scary News from the EEOC

    As science fiction buffs (and Tom Cruise fans) know, “Minority Report” is a short story by Philip K. Dick in which the Precrime Division of a futuristic law enforcement agency uses advanced computers (and mutants) to identify people who are going to commit crimes and then arrests and imprisons those…
    Jon Guze, January 28, 2019
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    Growth in local wineries and distilleries in NC reflect different levels of regulation

    At the beginning of the 20th century, North Carolina was the nation's leader in wine production and the nation's leader in legal distilleries (with 745 registered distilleries, 540 that were operating). Then came prohibition, and then came liquor control vs. wine licensing.
    Jon Sanders, January 25, 2019