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    The importance of private charity

    The latest issue of Hillsdale College’s Imprimis features Karl Zinsmeister of the Philanthropy Roundtable and his assessment of the value of private charity. [P]hilanthropy in the United States is not just a story—or even primarily a story—about wealthy people or big foundations. Only 14…
    Mitch Kokai, February 23, 2016
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    College dropout: Go to college

    College dropout Bill Gates says: Help Wanted: 11 million college grads To his credit, Gates does address the fact that he was a college dropout.  He writes, That’s an achievement we should all celebrate. Although I dropped out of college and got lucky pursuing a career in software, getting…
    Terry Stoops, June 4, 2015
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    Cato’s Tanner focuses on alternatives to government handouts

    Michael Tanner of the Cato Institute devotes his latest National Review Online column to the need for more private charity, not welfare. In every city around this country, private charities, some faith-based, some secular, are successfully helping the poor and disadvantaged. And they are…
    Mitch Kokai, August 21, 2014
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    How to address the “troubling future” of NC’s children

    In response to a new Annie E. Casey Foundation report, The KIDS COUNT Data Book, News & Observer editors write, These findings, released this week and reported by WRAL, should disturb all North Carolinians. The report should bother the state’s leaders, Gov. Pat McCrory and those who run the General Assembly.
    Terry Stoops, July 24, 2014
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    It takes a high level of education to train yourself to miss the screamingly obvious

    You might be a ‘progressive’ if … you think the only thing worse than a poor neighborhood losing a grocery store would be a poor neighborhood gaining a Wal–Mart, a Family Dollar, or a select few other stores that excel at providing goods to the…
    Jon Sanders, April 15, 2014
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    Private Business, Community Renovation

    We free-market, limited-government folks tend to take a lot of criticism for being concerned only about business and not community.  Of course, that’s not true at all.  We love parks and community spaces and the arts.  We just think that individuals, companies, and foundations can provide those things better than…
    Julie Tisdale, January 29, 2014
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    Understanding the debate over major foundation giving to NC policy groups

    Subscribers to the Lake Wylie Pilot are reading about how Bill Moyers is testily defending his attack against Art Pope as having “bought” the State of North Carolina through giving via the Pope Foundation to free-market advocacy groups in N.C. (which include the John Locke Foundation). They are reading…
    Jon Sanders, January 10, 2014
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    Trick question for leftists: Is the conclusion of A Christmas Carol moral?

    The warm conclusion of Charles Dickens’ beloved A Christmas Carol has his hated capitalist, Ebenezer Scrooge, transformed into a man gratefully giving to help the destitute, feeding the poor, even financially helping the family of a stricken child. Thereby he became “as good a friend, as good a master,…
    Jon Sanders, December 11, 2013