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    Did Obama Impose Much Harsher Penalties on Illegal Border-Crossers than His Predecessors?

    Why yes, yes he did! What’s more, according to a newly released paper called, “Deterring Illegal Entry: Migrant Sanctions and Recidivism in Border Apprehensions,” Obama’s get-tough approach worked. Here’s the abstract: In this paper, we use administrative records from the U.S. Border Patrol to examine how penalizing…
    Jon Guze, October 2, 2018
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    Investor’s Business Daily takes media to task for rewriting economic history

    Editors at Investor’s Business Daily attempt to correct the economic record mainstream media outlets have distorted. The stronger the economy gets under President Trump, the more desperate his critics are to hand credit over to Obama. Even if that entails changing the past. A recent New York Times…
    Mitch Kokai, August 13, 2018
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    York ponders Obama’s absence

    Byron York of the Washington Examiner reports on former President Barack Obama’s relatively low-key approach to the 2018 elections. “Join me on Team ’18,” former President Barack Obama wrote in a recent fundraising email from his old political group, Organizing for America. “Every election, every ballot measure, every…
    Mitch Kokai, August 9, 2018
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    Obama now decries the characteristics that drove his political career

    Jim Geraghty of National Review Online muses on former President Barack Obama’s apparent change in his approach to destructive identity politics. President Obama stood in a cricket stadium in Johannesburg, South Africa, and said a lot of things that could, or should, get conservatives nodding in agreement. But…
    Mitch Kokai, July 20, 2018
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    Obama could have crippled heroin trade, played politics instead

    That’s the conclusion of a Daily Caller report authored by Ryan Pickrell. The Obama administration reportedly had the chance to cripple the global heroin trade funding terrorism in war-torn Afghanistan, but it shelved the plan to advance a broader political agenda. The administration, citing political concerns, shut down a…
    Mitch Kokai, July 10, 2018
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    Government money’s effect on think tanks

    This portrait of the New America Foundation, which had an original and formidable voice from its founding, is not just another story about money and mission in think tanks. Even before its controversy over the EU’s regulation of Google and before its president got caught in cahoots with Hillary…
    Joseph Coletti, June 26, 2018
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    About Obama’s Iran deal

    David French of National Review Online helps bolster the Trump administration’s case for dumping the deal on nuclear weapon development in Iran. French explains how the deal’s supporters deceived the American people. The “scandal-free” Obama administration sure liked to lie a lot. [Wednesday] morning, America awoke to yet…
    Mitch Kokai, June 8, 2018
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    Obama’s reaction to the 2016 election explored

    Matthew Continetti offers National Review Online readers an interesting take on President Obama’s response to the 2016 presidential election results. For example — and here is the line that confuses me — “he sent a message to Mr. [Ben] Rhodes saying, ‘There are more stars in the sky…
    Mitch Kokai, June 5, 2018