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    Coronavirus and innovation: A match made possible when government doesn’t interfere

    Charles Sauer writes for the Washington Examiner about an “innovation renaissance” sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Everywhere we look we see innovation. Everywhere we look we see hope, we see perseverance, we see action. I am not talking about the government. Many of the the government’s actions have…
    Mitch Kokai, April 7, 2020
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    COVID-19 response and recovery calls for a balanced solution.

    As you would expect, John Locke Foundation’s policy recommendations in response to COVID-19 outbreak and in discussions on how best to recovery once the crisis is over, have focused largely on free market solutions. We believe that offering help to people who have lost jobs and businesses shut down…
    Becki Gray, April 6, 2020
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    New Carolina Journal Online features

    Brooke Conrad reports for Carolina Journal Online about the COVID-19 pandemic’s impact on North Carolina’s street food scene. John Hood’s Daily Journal cautions policymakers against widespread release of prisoners during the COVID-19 pandemic.
    Mitch Kokai, April 6, 2020
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    Martin Center column examines pandemic’s impact on the job market

    Christian Barnard writes for the Martin Center about potential long-term economic impacts from the COVID-19 pandemic. The types of jobs available before and after the Great Recession starkly differ. With the after-effects of the economic slowdown thanks to the coronavirus, the pattern could be repeated. Many of the jobs…
    Mitch Kokai, April 3, 2020
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    State revenues are getting hammered

    Tax revenues are falling for states and local governments across the country. The Atlantic wonders, “Will the coronavirus bankrupt cities?” Pew provides numerous examples of how state taxes are getting slammed: Hawaii officials have estimated a $225 million decline; in New York, it’s a whopping…
    Joseph Coletti, April 3, 2020
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    How far will your federal coronavirus payment go?

    For some people, there is never enough money. A writer for a policy group on the left grouses this time about the paltriness of federal payments to taxpayers by deliberately understating the amount of money a family could receive and overstating the costs to be borne. Some money is better…
    Joseph Coletti, March 30, 2020
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    This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

    The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic has disrupted everyone’s life. Rick Henderson analyzes the likely impact on 2020 elections for the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Terry Stoops assesses the long-term effects of coronavirus-related school closings. N.C. State economist Michael Walden discusses potential short- and long-term impacts on…
    Mitch Kokai, March 27, 2020
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    A look ahead to the post COVID-19 recovery

    Andrew Stuttaford explains at National Review Online why we should not expect a quick recovery from the economic hit triggered by the coronavirus. The economic numbers are beginning to come in, and, predictably enough, just about wherever you check, they are appalling. In Pennsylvania alone last week there…
    Mitch Kokai, March 26, 2020