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    Perdue exempts herself, but not McCrory, from executive order on judicial appointments

    Does it strike anyone else as odd that Gov. Bev Perdue is rescinding the same executive order she issued regarding judicial appointments? Well, she’s not really rescinding it. She’s exempting herself from it. She apparently thinks that incoming Gov.-elect Pat McCrory and future governors should be bound by the…
    Barry Smith, December 10, 2012
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    In case you missed it …

    WTVD asked the John Locke Foundation for reaction to Gov. Beverly Perdue’s plans for converting the Dorothea Dix property in west Raleigh into a new park. WTVD also sought JLF analysis of the governor’s plan to bypass her own judicial selection committee so she can make a…
    Mitch Kokai, November 30, 2012
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    Top legislative issues take issue with Perdue’s Dix proposal

    The top leaders in the General Assembly, both Republicans, have taken issue with Democratic Gov. Bev Perdue’s efforts to transfer the Dorothea Dix campus to the city of Raleigh for a major city park. House Speaker Thom Tillis, R-Mecklenburg, said: “The Dorothea Dix campus is a historically…
    Barry Smith, November 27, 2012
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    Digesting Cato’s fiscal report card on governors and Perdue’s C grade

    Last week, the Cato Institute released its biennial Fiscal Policy Report Card on America’s Governors: 2012. There is a lot in this one, but it measures actions since 2010 and ranks governors based on whether they have increased or decreased taxation and spending. It also includes some consideration for whether…
    Fergus Hodgson, October 22, 2012
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    Cato gives Bev a C

    The Cato Institute’s new Fiscal Policy Report on America’s Governors gives North Carolina’s Beverly Perdue a C grade. Early in her tenure, Governor Perdue signed a giant package of tax increases that raised $1 billion annually. Middle-income households were hit with a 2 percent surtax on…
    Mitch Kokai, October 9, 2012
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    The Dalton education plan: A few initial thoughts

    In next week’s newsletter, I’ll provide a more thorough overview of Walter Dalton’s new education plan, “Great Jobs Grow from Great Schools: Walter Dalton’s Education Plan: Building Momentum for a Better, Brighter and Stronger North Carolina.” Here are a few initial thoughts: Dalton’s idea to give every newborn a…
    Terry Stoops, October 4, 2012
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    New Carolina Journal Online features

    Barry Smith reports for Carolina Journal Online that Gov. Beverly Perdue might use some of her remaining campaign cash to have her official papers compiled and published. John Hood’s Daily Journal explains why “the chemistry wasn’t right” for Holden Thorp to succeed as UNC-Chapel Hill chancellor.
    Mitch Kokai, September 24, 2012
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    New at CJ Online: Second Perdue associate pleads guilty in campaign probe

    The latest Carolina Journal Online news report recounts the misdemeanor guilty plea entered Friday by Morganton attorney Julia Leigh Sitton, a former fundraiser and aide to Gov. Bev Perdue. Sitton was part of the criminal probe launched in the wake of suspicious flights Perdue took in 2007 and 2008.
    Rick Henderson, September 21, 2012