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    Federalist columnist and JLF analyst pursue same angles in Supreme Court’s cake case

    In addition to Jon Guze’s excellent analysis of the U.S. Supreme Court’s recent oral arguments in the Colorado case involving a cake designer and same-sex marriage, you might want to read an assessment from Federalist columnist Margot Cleveland. Focusing on many of the same points Jon emphasizes, Cleveland…
    Mitch Kokai, December 11, 2017
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    Can states develop better welfare work requirements?

    Workforce participation has stalled or declined among men and women of prime working age. Edward Lazear of Stanford University says 1.5 million jobs are simply “missing”. Existing work requirements for welfare programs have had limited success. Brookings Institution scholar Ron Haskins says in a recent paper the federal government…
    Joseph Coletti, December 8, 2017
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    Students who believe free speech is violent

    Katherine Timpf highlights at National Review Online the latest case of college students who lack a basic understanding of free speech. A group of students at Western Washington University used their own right to free speech to disrupt a pro–free-speech lecture — calling the idea of complete free…
    Mitch Kokai, December 7, 2017
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    California’s housing crisis offers lessons to NC

    “The great American single-family home problem” is an excellent piece today from the New York Times.  It looks at the housing crisis in California, but it has lessons for all cities, including those in North Carolina.  It alludes to the importance of Dillon Rule (which I wrote about…
    Julie Tisdale, December 4, 2017
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    When in comes to homes, how many is too many?

    Pender County Commissioners voted last week to deny a rezoning application for 347 acres of land.  It was an application which would have allowed a developer to build 562 homes – single family and towns – and that the planning board had unanimously approved. But the County Commissioners voted…
    Julie Tisdale, November 27, 2017
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    Leef details a college professor’s expensive lesson

    George Leef’s latest Forbes column details the story of a Fresno State professor penalized for his unwillingness to accept constitutional protection of free speech. A college professor is supposed to teach his subject and serve as a role model for students, especially when it comes to civility and respect…
    Mitch Kokai, November 20, 2017
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    Re: Those ‘zero-emissions’ electric cars, aren’t

    If, as Jon Sanders quotes in a recent post, “Larger electric vehicles can have higher lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions than smaller conventional vehicles,” maybe a carbon tax would be more neutral toward vehicle technology.
    Joseph Coletti, November 20, 2017
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    More Wisdom From Dr. Mike Munger of Duke

    It’s always a treat to talk with Dr. Mike Munger. You’ll always learn something new. This time you’ll learn something about our namesake, John Locke. Take a minute to check with Dr. Munger and our Mitch Kokai.
    Donna Martinez, November 16, 2017