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    Why film incentives don’t work

    As recently as 2009, 44 U.S. states were providing incentives for film production. Only six states weren’t. Now up to 16 U.S. states are not doing film incentives. Recent research published by Prof. Michael Thom of the University of Southern California found no impact of motion picture incentive programs’ [MPIs] on their states’…
    Jon Sanders, September 26, 2016
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    Film production incentives: now one-third of US states are out

    In 2009, only 6 U.S. states didn’t have tax credits for film production. They had gotten into what The Economist called “a stupid trend,” “silly,” and a “beggar-thy-neighbor trade war.” The number of states providing film incentives went from four in 2002 to 44 in 2009. North Carolina joined…
    Jon Sanders, June 2, 2016
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    How to grow the economy the media way

    If you pay attention to the pages of the News & Observer, or listen to other local media soothsayers, you will over time derive their principles of economic growth for our great state. But most people haven’t the time or the patience for that, so here are many that I’ve been…
    Jon Sanders, April 6, 2016
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    The changing world of film

    In a nutshell, we’re in a time with few medium-sized film productions. The big Hollywood studios are busy making big buck blockbusters, which can make them a ton of money. Then there’s an increasing mass of indie productions, filmed for a couple of million dollars at most, fighting in whatever…
    Michael Lowrey, January 21, 2016
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    A new press release from the NC House about film incentives

    Here is the text of the press release sent out on Tuesday, September 8th at 6:30pm. Sen. Lee & Rep. Davis Announce Increase in Film Grant to $30 million Raleigh, NC – Today, the North Carolina Senate and the North Carolina House came to an agreement on a spending number…
    Sarah Curry, September 9, 2015
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    Think film incentives work? New York paid $38k for each job created…

    According to a news article from a New York state news source, film studios are getting $38,000 for every full-time job they create. At a time when the $420 million a year in tax breaks has drawn increased scrutiny, a state consultant’s report quietly released in March…
    Sarah Curry, August 10, 2015
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    Father of N.C. film industry needed no incentives

    Friday at 6 p.m. the N.C. Museum of History will host a talk with Earl Owensby, the filmmaker who produced a host of low-budget action films in the ’70s and ’80s and made Shelby the birthplace of the state’s film industry. This profile from the News & Observer reveals…
    Rick Henderson, August 6, 2015
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    Michigan removes film incentives….NC should follow

    Picking winners and losers using incentives is never a good idea for governments, especially film incentives.  Unfortunately, film incentives are still on the table for the NC budget, but maybe NC lawmakers should take the lead from Michigan. Last week, Michigan Rick Snyder signed the law ending Michigan’s film incentives…
    Sarah Curry, July 20, 2015