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    I want my money back

    The latest movie to benefit from North Carolina’s taxpayer funded film incentive scheme, We’re the Millers, was released this week.  I’ll admit I haven’t seen it, but it looks like some quality cinema.  Rotten Tomatoes summed it up with this: Blandly offensive (or perhaps merely offensively…
    Julie Tisdale, August 9, 2013
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    Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker says incentives are here to stay, despite tax reform

    It looks like corporate incentives are here to stay, at least for a while, even with the possibility that lawmakers will reform the tax code. Decker “I think we’re going to be living with them,” Commerce Secretary Sharon Decker said during a journalist roundtable discussion on Monday. “If the…
    Barry Smith, July 9, 2013
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    Taxpayer funded sitcoms

    The Winston-Salem Journal is reporting today that the city of Greensboro is loaning $300,000 to Black Network Television, a local station, to help fund production of a new sitcom.  The thinking?  A successful sitcom produced in Greensboro will create jobs, raise the profile of the city, and possibly attract…
    Julie Tisdale, June 25, 2013
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    Connecticut kills its film industry suspends its race to the bottom

    News from the Wall Street Journal: More than 80 movies featuring stars such as Jennifer Aniston, Tim Robbins and Michael Douglas have been filmed in Connecticut over the past seven years, thanks largely to $137.4 million in tax credits to film production companies. But the parade of stars may…
    Jon Sanders, June 18, 2013
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    My morning errand interupted by RUDE film incentives

    On my way to the post office, I was walking towards the state capital and saw a crowd of people.  Normally walking in a downtown area there are crowds of people around a number of amusing things found in city streets, so I thought nothing of it.  To my surprise,…
    Sarah Curry, June 4, 2013