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    New Carolina Journal Online features

    This week’s Carolina Journal Online Friday interview features Donna Martinez’s conversation with Daren Bakst about efforts to combat a power grab from federal regulators over greenhouse gas emissions. Troy Kickler’s guest Daily Journal focuses on the importance of a forgotten American founder from Edenton.
    Mitch Kokai, April 29, 2011
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    Hayward isn’t the only one asking whether environmentalism is dead

    A new article in The New Republic asks whether the green movement has been a “miserable flop.” The question arrives just a couple of weeks after Steven Hayward mused about the “death of environmentalism” during a presentation for the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury Society. HT:…
    Mitch Kokai, April 22, 2011
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    EPA gets into the torture business

    Forget waterboarding. Prolonged exposure to this climate-change “rap” from the EPA would be far more effective in eliciting information.
    David N. Bass, April 21, 2011
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    Freedoms we don’t even realize we have V

    Earlier entries in this series: I, II, III, and IV. From Time via Fox News: Climate modelers have long known that households are far bigger contributors to global warming than most laypeople realize. For all the blame tailpipe emissions take for escalating  temperatures,…
    Jon Sanders, April 20, 2011
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    NC’s Rail Boonboggle

    Some argue that there is no rational reason to oppose the $461 million that the feds are sending to NC for rail improvements.  My Herald Sun op-ed lists several very rational reasons to turn back this money just like Florida, Wisconsin and Indiana have.  Here is just one. Rail…
    Michael Sanera, April 15, 2011
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    House budget, first look

    Live Blog House Appropriations subcommittees started debate yesterday on the specifics what it means to balance the budget in a pro-family, pro-growth way. Proposed savings in primary and secondary education of $694 million are midway between Gov. Perdue's $351 million and the John Locke Foundation's $1 billion. Community College…
    Joseph Coletti, April 13, 2011
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    New at CJO: Lawmakers block stream reclassification

    Karen Welsh’s latest Carolina Journal Online report discusses House Bill 62, which blocks a controversial reclassification of Boylston Creek in Transylvania County.
    Mitch Kokai, April 13, 2011
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    Spinning for Wind Power

    The News & Observer in an editorial makes some “misstatements” about wind power. Wind power, like solar-generated electricity, isn’t “on” all the time, as a coal- or gas-fired generating station can be. But the fuel is free and emissions are nil. Construction costs are far lower than with nuclear…
    Daren Bakst, April 11, 2011