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    Coronavirus highlights problem linked to ‘green’ shopping bags

    John Tierney of City Journal writes about the negative impact of a popular “green” shopping technique. The COVID-19 outbreak is giving new meaning to those “sustainable” shopping bags that politicians and environmentalists have been so eager to impose on the public. These reusable tote bags can sustain the…
    Mitch Kokai, March 16, 2020
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    A Leftist Environmentalist Reveals His True Colors

    Sky News editor Ed Conway writes: [I]f you were a young, hardline environmentalist looking for the ultimate weapon against climate change, you could hardly design anything better than coronavirus. Unlike most other such diseases, it kills mostly the old who, let’s face it, are more likely to be climate sceptics.
    Jon Guze, March 13, 2020
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    Coronavirus: If Matt Ridley’s Worried, We Should All Be Worried

    In a recent opinion piece called “Coronavirus is the wolf on the loose,”English science writer Matt Ridley begins by saying: In Aesop’s fable about the boy who cried “Wolf!”, the point of the tale is that eventually there was a wolf, but the boy was not believed…
    Jon Guze, March 11, 2020
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    Virginia’s about to hammer its own people to pay $50 Billion more for electricity

    Calling this thing is "an example for other states" is like calling Wile E. Coyote an example for other bird watchers and rock climbers. It's an example of what not to do to your people. North Carolinians need their legislators to avoid Virginia's folly.
    Jon Sanders, March 10, 2020
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    Reductions in CO2? Thank Fracking

    America’s fossil fuel production has been on the rise over the past decade. Simultaneously, the nation’s energy-related CO2 emissions have been on a significant decline. Many might ask “How can ramping up our fossil fuel extraction AND decreasing CO2 emissions happen at the same time?” To that question, JLF’s Jon…
    Brenee Goforth, February 25, 2020
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    Yet Another Reason to Oppose Bag Bans

    In “A Mixed Bag: The Hidden Time Costs of Regulating Consumer Behavior,” which was published this week by the University of Chicago Press, Rebecca L. C. Taylor finds: The nonmonetary costs consumers experience from regulations are challenging to quantify and, thus, easily overlooked. Using quasi-experimental policy variation and…
    Jon Guze, February 24, 2020
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    How can the US lead the world in producing oil and gas AND reducing CO2 emissions?

    Hasn't everything we've been told over the past two decades said that those were impossible? Weren't we under the impression that those things worked in opposition — that we'd have to choose between one or the other?
    Jon Sanders, February 21, 2020
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    New Carolina Journal Online features

    Julie Havlak reports for Carolina Journal Online that a recent court ruling leaves Republicans little flexibility when it comes to reforming Medicaid. Jon Sanders’ Daily Journal highlights the latest evidence that wind and solar power generate long-term solid waste problems that have not been addressed.
    Mitch Kokai, February 18, 2020