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    Socialism and corporations

    Iain Murray describes at National Review Online a love-hate relationship between socialists and corporations. Socialists would rather the traditional American firm did not exist. Animosity towards the capitalist boss for reaping all the rewards of his employees’ labor, or (perhaps worse) towards the joint-stock corporation, where workers don’t…
    Mitch Kokai, August 7, 2020
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    New Carolina Journal Online features

    Julie Havlak reports for Carolina Journal Online on Gov. Roy Cooper’s extension of COVID-19 economic restrictions. Becki Gray’s Daily Journal highlights creeping unionization in North Carolina.
    Mitch Kokai, August 6, 2020
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    Over 105,000 have recovered from COVID-19 in NC as active cases fall again

    This was the second week in a row that active cases fell, and the second week in a row there were more recoveries than new cases.
    Jon Sanders, August 3, 2020
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    Graphing COVID: Testing, cases, and testing percentages

    The spike North Carolina is seeing is in testing bringing about a proportionate spike in known cases. More testing is a good thing.
    Jon Sanders, July 31, 2020
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    Businesses fear virus-related lawsuits

    Nihal Krishan of the Washington Examiner details one of the business community’s top concerns about COVID-19. It involves the threat of legal action. Business groups say that the fear of a flood of unfair coronavirus lawsuits hurting businesses is real despite data showing that not many such lawsuits…
    Mitch Kokai, July 31, 2020
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    Election 2020: Battleground North Carolina

    With less than 100 days until Election Day, politics could not be more turbulent. The decisions made by North Carolina voters will determine our state’s economic prospects and legislative priorities, the makeup of our state’s highest court, who sits in our governor’s mansion and in the White House, and which…
    Donna Martinez, July 29, 2020
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    Businesses will remain concerned about COVID-19 lawsuits

    Jay Heflin of the Washington Examiner highlights business owners’ concerns about potential legal liability linked to COVID-19. Business owners won’t rest easy if Congress shields companies from coronavirus-related lawsuits since they know that such protections only go so far. “Probably a solid 8 to a 9,” said Chris…
    Mitch Kokai, July 28, 2020
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    Active cases fall as NC COVID-19 recoveries top 80% of known cases

    This was the first week active cases showed a decline, and it was also the first week there were more recoveries than new cases.
    Jon Sanders, July 27, 2020