Economic development

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    There is hope in small towns and there are challenges in cities

    Can we save the small towns and rural areas that are losing people to booming metropolitan areas? Gracy Olmstead explores the options and some of the overlooked costs and benefits what we leave behind may not be all bad, as we go out in search of greater gains: “The…
    Joseph Coletti, April 20, 2018
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    Podcasts worth listening to this week

    Some great conversations made my time in the car much better this week Steven Teles is one of the most insightful people writing about conservatism and government, from the Federalist Society to the kludgy way government has evolved. He’s a liberal working with libertarians at the Niskanen…
    Joseph Coletti, April 19, 2018
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    International Company picks NC, even without a bribe from the state

    I love seeing stories of companies that choose North Carolina, not because of a state incentive package, but because they just see all that we have to offer.  Just such a story popped up this afternoon in the Triad Business Journal: British business picks Raleigh for first U.S. office,…
    Julie Tisdale, March 12, 2018
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    Can barbers spur local economic growth?

    Chuck Marohn is a city planner who tries to expose the game for what it is. In a recent Strong Towns post that then appeared at Philanthropy Daily, Marohn explains why bringing a barber into town once a week from the regional center would be a better investment than…
    Joseph Coletti, March 12, 2018
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    Fayetteville’s taxpayer funded ballpark is happening

    Almost a year and a half ago, I wrote about Cumberland County’s plans to divert money from the school system to build a ballpark in Fayetteville for the Single-A Advanced affiliate of the Houston Astros.  At the time I argued that building a $33 million stadium with city and…
    Julie Tisdale, March 8, 2018
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    Using the public coffers for political theater

    Nathan Jensen, a professor a the University of Texas, Austin, explains to readers of the New York Times that corporate incentives are simply political theater. We’ve made the same point, but it cannot be repeated often enough. “If Amazon chooses Atlanta, politicians will point to all that they…
    Joseph Coletti, March 6, 2018
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    Charlotte’s new mayor has a list of priorities. Are they the right ones?

    Late last year, Charlotte elected a new mayor, Vi Lyles.  This week, she talked about her top priorities related to business and economic development.  Her list concerns, but doesn’t surprise, me. As reported by the Triad Business Journal, her priorities include: Keeping the Panthers Connecting with businesses Keeping the…
    Julie Tisdale, March 6, 2018
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    Fuzzy Math: UNC-Asheville Tells Half the Story In Its Economic Impact Study

    What is the impact of a university campus to its local community? UNC-Asheville has calculated a number by releasing an economic impact study that puts its annual impact on the Asheville region at $450 million. But JLF’s Roy Cordato explains that UNC-Asheville’s study fails to recognize half the…
    Donna Martinez, March 6, 2018