Economic development

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    The CSX Hub should offer a warning

    At the John Locke Foundation, we’ve been keeping an eye on the proposed CSX Intermodal Terminal planned for Rocky Mount for the past couple years.  Carolina Journal has been reporting on the story, too. In November, there were rumors that the project might be dead.  Now it’s sounding even…
    Julie Tisdale, January 19, 2018
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    A Blog Worth Revisiting: Amazon Winner Will Be a Financial Loser

    An October entry from our Jon Sanders is worth a second read in light of news that Raleigh has made the top 20 list for Amazon’s 2nd headquarters. University of Georgia economics professor Jeffrey Dorfman tries to warn state and city leaders against enticing Amazon to locate its second headquarter campus…
    Donna Martinez, January 19, 2018
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    WRAL: NC won’t be the highest bidder for Amazon HQ2, per Gov. Cooper

    There's an honest case the governor, Commerce officials, and civic boosters could make to Amazon that would represent our best case without setting us up for fierce buyer's remorse:
    Jon Sanders, January 18, 2018
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    Who Supports & Who Opposes The Atlantic Coast Pipeline?

    Rick Henderson, Carolina Journal editor-in-chief, discusses the debate in North Carolina over the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. Henderson offered these comments during an interview with Donna Martinez for Carolina Journal Radio. WATCH.
    Donna Martinez, January 17, 2018
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    North Carolina cities are among best performing

    The Milken Institute, an economic think tank out of California, has published their 2017 Best Performing Cities report, and Raleigh comes in #2 in the nation.  Other North Carolina cities also make the list, with Charlotte at #12, Wilmington at #35, and Asheville at #65. The report is limited…
    Julie Tisdale, January 16, 2018
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    Changes to zoning in Wilmington

    Wilmington’s Planning Commission is scheduled to vote on changes to the city’s zoning ordinances on January 29th.  The proposed changes should be welcomed. They also reveal one of the major problems with zoning. The planning commission will be voting on 11 individual changes, and they’re mostly minor amendments to details…
    Julie Tisdale, January 15, 2018
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    People are coming to North Carolina

    Interesting map out this week from the Tax Foundation looking at inbound migration.  North Carolina ranked 8th in the US, with more than 56% of all moves across NC state lines involving folks coming in, and only 44% people leaving.  Lots of reasons, but relatively low tax rates are…
    Julie Tisdale, January 12, 2018
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    Not getting the Toyota-Mazda plant wasn’t really a loss

    I know it’s not a popular position, but I was actually relieved to see that North Carolina didn’t win the Toyota-Mazda plant.  Why?  Because, according to the Commerce Secretary, North Carolina was prepared to offer $1.5 billion to get the company to locate here.  With the plant projected to…
    Julie Tisdale, January 11, 2018