Criminal Justice Reform

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    Who wants to get rid of the police?

    Not African Americans! According to a 2015 Roper report, very few black Americans would be willing to have fewer police officers in their neighborhoods, and blacks were more likely to favor a larger police presence that whites.
    Jon Guze, June 5, 2020
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    Coronavirus Exposes Need for Recodification

    On Monday, April 13, Erik Hooks, secretary of the N.C. Department of Public Safety, announced North Carolina’s prisons would begin releasing select inmates in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. In a research brief this week, JLF’s Jon Guze argues some of those releases may not have…
    Brenee Goforth, April 24, 2020
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    New Carolina Journal Online features

    Kari Travis reports for Carolina Journal Online that some lawmakers continue to focus on criminal law reforms during the COVID-19 pandemic. Joseph Coletti’s Daily Journal urges N.C. policymakers to avoid unemployment benefit changes that could lead to long-term problems.
    Mitch Kokai, April 16, 2020
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    JLF’s Jon Guze Testifies on Overcriminalization and Recodification

    On Friday, April 3, JLF’s Jon Guze gave testimony to North Carolina’s General Statutes Commission. The commission has been tasked with examining local ordinances and determining if a pattern emerges that would justify creating any generally applicable state laws. Guze stated: As Floyd Lewis explained at your February meeting, almost…
    Brenee Goforth, April 9, 2020
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    One More Opportunity For N.C. To Lead The Way In Criminal Justice

    North Carolina has made many strides in criminal justice reform over the past decade. From justice reinvestment legislation to juvenile justice reform to making it easier for former offenders to get occupational licenses, North Carolina has been quietly leading the nation in criminal justice reform. The next step…
    Brenee Goforth, February 27, 2020
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    Bad News: Homicides Are Up In Charlotte

    The Charlotte Observer reports: Charlotte just posted its highest murder rate in more than a decade, prompting city leaders to say the violence should be treated as a public health crisis. The city’s rate — 11.6 homicides per 100,000 people — is the highest since…
    Jon Guze, January 23, 2020
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    This weekend on Carolina Journal Radio

    North Carolina has good reasons to celebrate as National School Choice Week approaches. Terry Stoops recaps recent school choice gains during the next edition of Carolina Journal Radio. Jay Schweikert of the libertarian Cato Institute explains why his group is endorsing North Carolina’s efforts to reform state…
    Mitch Kokai, January 17, 2020
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    Robeson County Police To Seize Property Without Criminal Conviction

    Carolina Journal’s Brooke Conrad reports that the Robeson County Sheriff’s office has opted into the federal Equitable Sharing program. Conrad explains: The Equitable Sharing program allows state and local agencies to keep 80% of whatever they take from forfeiture. The federal government keeps the other 20%. In 2018, N.C. law…
    Brenee Goforth, December 4, 2019