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    Asheville, Meet San Francisco

    More than 80 police officers have left the Asheville police force since January 2020, so a few days ago, the city announced that Asheville residents are on their own when it comes to the crimes and situations described below: Here’s the problem. The city is opening the door…
    Donna Martinez, June 16, 2021
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    Journalists Shouldn’t Hide Facts From Readers

    Kevin Williamson of National Review Online wonders why a media outlet would employ tactics that violate the essence of journalism. [O]n Friday night there was a mass shooting in Austin, Texas, in the Sixth Street entertainment district. Fourteen people were shot; as of this writing, one has died.
    Mitch Kokai, June 16, 2021
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    Defunding Police Carries Consequences for Missouri

    Eric Schmitt writes for the Washington Examiner about one state’s experience with efforts to scale back police work. Last year, in the city of St. Louis, we saw a 50-year high for murders: 262 people were murdered in the city. The vast majority, more than 90%, of those…
    Mitch Kokai, June 3, 2021
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    Biden Administration Sends Mixed Message on Qualified Immunity

    Kevin Daley of the Washington Free Beacon highlights the Biden administration’s uneven response to questions about qualified immunity. The Biden administration frequently relies on a controversial legal tool to defend law enforcement officers accused of misconduct, even as the president’s congressional allies work to abolish it. Democrats behind…
    Mitch Kokai, June 2, 2021
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    Who Supports What? Comparing the Dem & GOP Police Reform Bills

    From the folks at No Labels comes a side-by-side comparison of the two major pieces of congressional legislation to reform policing. For an easy-to-read full scene version, here’s the full chart. A screen shot is below.
    Donna Martinez, May 28, 2021
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    New Carolina Journal Online Features

    John Trump’s CJ Opinion offers a veteran’s perspective leading up to Memorial Day. Jon Guze’s CJ Opinion highlights one prominent leftist who renounces violence for the wrong reasons.
    Mitch Kokai, May 28, 2021
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    Rising Crime Could Hurt Democrats at the Polls

    James Antle of the Washington Examiner looks at the political implications of surging crime rates. A rise in violent crime is endangering slim Democratic congressional majorities more than a year out from the midterm elections and threatening to revive “law and order” as a major campaign issue for…
    Mitch Kokai, May 26, 2021
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    The inevitable loss of black lives didn’t bother Ezra Klein last year, but the possible loss of votes for Democrats is worrying him now!

    The death of George Floyd on May 25, 2020 sparked an extraordinary wave of anti-police protests. While most of those protests were peaceful, many turned violent as protestors and/or interlopers resorted to looting and rioting. Billions of dollars worth of property was stolen or destroyed, buildings were burned to the…
    Jon Guze, May 25, 2021