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    New Carolina Journal Online features

    Lindsay Marchello reports for Carolina Journal Online on the latest Civitas poll results, featuring N.C. voters’ views on issues such as abortion and the Electoral College. Kristen Blair’s Daily Journal ponders the perils of parents who get too involved in their children’s lives.
    Mitch Kokai, March 28, 2019
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    Kids and happiness

    Charles Fain Lehman of the Washington Free Beacon reports on recent research involving children and parents’ happiness. Does having kids make us happier? Yes, a new paper argues—once you control for the cost of paying the bills. The way that kids shape their parents’ happiness has been the…
    Mitch Kokai, February 27, 2019
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    Speaking of Antinatalists

    To promote an article exploring the case for antinatalism, the New Republic recently tweeted: Which illicit some amusing responses, including these:…
    Jon Guze, February 26, 2019
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    A critique of universal child care

    Aparna Mathur, Abby McCloskey, and Angela Rachidi write for the American Enterprise Institute about problems associated with U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren’s proposal for universal child care. There is no denying that child-care costs are a growing problem for families. Even conservative estimates suggest a 14 percent increase…
    Mitch Kokai, February 25, 2019
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    Panning Elizabeth Warren’s ‘parent trap’

    Count editors of National Review Online among those unimpressed by the latest policy proposal from U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren. Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.) has a new plan to tax, spend, and regulate our way to affordable child care. It’s a bad deal for parents, children, and taxpayers.
    Mitch Kokai, February 22, 2019
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    Smartphones, social media, and kids

    Charles Fain Lehman of the Washington Free Beacon focuses on the impact of technology on children. Should Congress ban kids from owning smartphones? According to a Thursday night monologue, television firebrand Tucker Carlson thinks the answer is yes. In his nightly speech, the Fox News host inveighed against…
    Mitch Kokai, February 5, 2019
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    Economic growth and…

    “Economic growth, while necessary, is insufficient to address many of the challenges of our 21st-century economy,” Abby McCloskey writes in National Affairs. She offers some policy suggestions to improve connections in community, make work pay, and reform entitlements to improve government finances. I don’t endorse all of them, but…
    Joseph Coletti, January 29, 2019
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    States should be able to tax services, not just stuff

    Arizona voters could choose to become only the second state to exclude services from sales taxes. One of the basic principles of taxation is to have a low rate and a broad base. [P]olicy experts warn that such a ban limits a state’s revenue-raising options and could actually be…
    Joseph Coletti, October 17, 2018