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    States should be able to tax services, not just stuff

    Arizona voters could choose to become only the second state to exclude services from sales taxes. One of the basic principles of taxation is to have a low rate and a broad base. [P]olicy experts warn that such a ban limits a state’s revenue-raising options and could actually be…
    Joseph Coletti, October 17, 2018
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    Wells Fargo bucks anti-gun trend among big banks

    Stephen Gutowski of the Washington Free Beacon details a decision from Wells Fargo that flies in the face of current politically correct behavior. Wells Fargo issued a new $40 million line of credit to the gun company Sturm, Ruger & Co. last week bucking the trend of big…
    Mitch Kokai, October 11, 2018
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    Amazon’s pay raise says nothing about government minimum-wage policies

    Ryan Bourne explains for the Cato Institute why Amazon’s recent decision to raise its minimum hourly pay to $15 should have no influence on government regulations. If one of the world’s biggest companies can raise their internal “minimum wage,” then why can’t others? This kind of argument is…
    Mitch Kokai, October 8, 2018
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    Female CEO skeptical of bill that mandates female inclusion on board of directors

    A bill that would require public companies headquartered in California to have at least one female on their board of directors is drawing some criticism from at least one female CEO. The legislation passed both houses of the California legislature…
    Jordan Roberts, October 1, 2018
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    Another rollback of overly burdensome federal regulations

    Bill McMorris of the Washington Free Beacon highlights another regulatory achievement from the Trump administration. Franchise businesses received a significant boost from the Trump administration on Friday as labor regulators began to unravel one of the Obama administration’s most controversial employment policies. The National Labor Relations Board is…
    Mitch Kokai, September 18, 2018
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    Waffle House: There When You Need It!

    The well-loved restaurant chain really stepped up during hurricane Florence and won praise from far and wide. Twitchy published a series of tweets from grateful patrons under the heading, “No big deal, just the Waffle House CEO personally overseeing recovery operations in North Carolina,” and even the Los Angeles Times…
    Jon Guze, September 17, 2018
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    Leef laments business schools’ embrace of ‘social justice’

    George Leef’s latest Martin Center column reflects on the impact of “social justice” with university business schools. Many professors cannot resist the temptation to smuggle their personal beliefs into the courses they teach. As long as those beliefs are “progressive,” there is little chance that higher-ups in their departments…
    Mitch Kokai, September 12, 2018
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    It’s Not All About the Alcohol

    As John Trump wrote in his Daily Journal article earlier this year, for North Carolina distillers, brewers, and winemakers, the push for looser regulations and rules isn’t about the alcohol. After all, many of these businesses, small and large, play a role in their respective communities. Similarly, most proponents pushing…
    Lexi Arthur, September 7, 2018