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    Once-in-a-generation farm bill welfare fix

    Kristina Rasmussen explains in a Washington Examiner column why Congress faces a rare opportunity in its latest farm bill. For millions of families stuck in government dependence, the stakes couldn’t be higher: Their opportunity to experience work through welfare reforms that promote work is in the hands of…
    Mitch Kokai, September 6, 2018
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    Appeals Court revives suit challenging N.C. attorney general’s hog farm fund

    A 2-1 ruling from the N.C. Court of Appeals this morning revives a lawsuit challenging the N.C. attorney general’s control of money flowing from a major hog producer. The court’s majority raised questions about whether the millions of dollars flowing into the hog fund should be considered penalties assessed…
    Mitch Kokai, September 4, 2018
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    Carolina Journal: N.C. Farmers About To Feel the Crunch of Retaliatory Tariffs

    The president continues to push tariffs as a tactic toward his vision of “fair” trade. Reporting for Carolina Journal, Julie Havlak looks into the impact of the trade dispute with China on North Carolina . As the trade dispute with China picks up, bigger farms in North Carolina are…
    Donna Martinez, June 20, 2018
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    Bakst’s latest farm bill lament

    Former John Locke Foundation regulatory analyst Daren Bakst details for the Daily Signal ongoing problems with the federal farm bill. Major food stamp reform is a must in the farm bill. So too is major reform for farm subsidies–after all, it is called the farm bill. Much of…
    Mitch Kokai, May 14, 2018
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    Cato recommends farm policy fixes

    Chris Edwards of the Cato Institute highlights the libertarian group’s ideas for improving federal farm policy. The federal government spends more than $20 billion a year on subsidies for farm businesses. About 39 percent of the nation’s 2.1 million farms receive direct subsidies, with the lion’s share of…
    Mitch Kokai, April 13, 2018
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    NC Farm Bureau Chief: Free Trade & Lower-Cost Energy Vital To Agriculture Industry

    In Wilson County, Larry Wooten of the N.C. Farm Bureau made clear his view on two key needs for the state’s No. 1 industry: agriculture/agribusiness. “When people start talking about exports and trade, we’ve got to have it,” Wooten said. “We have a lot of farm meetings, but I…
    Donna Martinez, February 12, 2018
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    Profs: Farmers’ markets are evil white people things

    My theory is, the publish-or-perish world of academe makes social-justice scholars hunt for new things to denounce, and all that's left now are nice things like farmers' markets.
    Jon Sanders, January 5, 2018
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    A $15 Billion/Year ‘Safety Net’ For Farmers?

    Join us Monday to find out more about the Farm Bill, which could pass Congress in 2018. Daren Bakst of the Heritage Foundation will join us at Noon to explain the details you should know — including $15 billion for a ‘safety net’ for farmers. Save your seat…
    Donna Martinez, November 10, 2017