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  • A Statistical Perspective on the Racial Justice Act

    Last Wednesday, House Republicans failed to garner enough votes to override Governor Perdue’s veto on the Racial Justice Act(RJA). The 2009 law, which allows North Carolina death row inmates to challenge their death sentences on the grounds of racial bias, was repealed by the General Assembly, but the…
    Ziyi Mai, January 9, 2012
  • Capitalism is not the villain, but government is

    Over the past couple of weeks Americans have witnessed a protest called Occupy Wall Street go rampant throughout the nation. These protests are relatively unorganized and protestors have different reasons to go to the street,  but most of them focus on holding corporations accountable, stopping greed and blaming capitalism for the recession in 2007and its aftermath. Should private sector shoulder the blame for the recession and the sluggish recovery over the past few years? If a layman sees free market generating tremendous income inequality, banks granting people who lack credit history mortgages with low interest rate, and money managers like Madoff playing Ponzi schemes, then he may answer yes. Yet the history of capitalism is crystal clear that huge fraction improvements in standard of living have come because private businesses had created new products, given people jobs, generated profit that raised people out of poverty and allowed them to live fruitful and productive lives. We can have much more of that and beneficial effect around the world if we take a step back from excessive government regulations.
    Ziyi Mai, October 6, 2011
  • Perry’s executive order is under fire

    The most dramatic moment of the GOP debate in Florida on September 12 revolved around Michele Bachmann’s attack regarding Rick Perry’s executive order mandating that all females in Texas get the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine prior to sixth grade. The vaccine protects women and teens against a sexually…
    Ziyi Mai, September 23, 2011
  • Robert Mundell’s prescription for economic growth

    Robert Mundell, a Nobel laureate in economics, urged the U.S. government to cut the corporate tax rate and make the Bush tax cuts permanent in a recent interview with The Economist. Mundell claims that the biggest problem facing the U.S. and Europe is economic growth. There are two things…
    Ziyi Mai, September 6, 2011
  • Not-so-balanced state budgets

    A new national study from the Institute of Truth in Accounting highlights how state leaders, including those of North Carolina, have dodged balanced budget requirements—and to such a degree that it has become the convention. Prevailing methods of state accounting do not reveal accurate debt levels, and they have concealed a total of $1 trillion of outstanding bills, including $30 billion in North Carolina.
    Ziyi Mai, August 31, 2011
  • The Demise of the Free Market Way

    Hong Kong has long been considered one of the freest places in the world to do business where business people enjoy low taxes, zero tariffs and facilitated civil services. As The Economist magazine put it in 1977, when free market faith reached its peak: “A businessman setting up shop in…
    Ziyi Mai, August 1, 2011