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  • Campaign literature?

    Teachers are crying foul over a request to distribute a school safety flier produced by Superintendent of Public Instruction Mark Johnson and co-sponsored by a handful of public school advocacy organizations (that do not necessarily share Johnson’s vision for public schools).  What do you think?  Is this too political?…
    Terry Stoops, September 25, 2018
  • Brookings: States “deprived state governments of revenue”

    I’ll write about the entire Brookings study, Fixing Chronic Disinvestment in K-12 Schools, sometime soon.  For now, I’ll mention that this line did not sit well with me: Some of these cuts, particularly those made immediately following the recession, were a result of economic forces outside of states’ control. Once…
    Terry Stoops, September 20, 2018
  • Days after hurricane, Red4EdNC criticizes Republican lawmakers for bond decision

    Leave it to Red4EdNC to use the hurricane to criticize Republican lawmakers for refusing to put a school construction bond referendum on the November ballot. Why not follow the lead of the N.C. Association of Educators (NCAE), which has set politics aside and simply asked people to help? Yes,…
    Terry Stoops, September 20, 2018
  • Should schools provide support services to students?

    Denise Superville’s Education Week article, In Some Cities, Closing Achievement Gaps Is Not for Schools to Fix Alone, examines the role of schools in providing social services to students.  She writes, The idea is that focusing on student’s individual needs in four areas—academics, health, family, and social-emotional well-being—and matching…
    Terry Stoops, September 19, 2018
  • Ten jobs that are safe from robots

    If you are ready to launch a career or start a new one, this Hechinger Report article is for you! Here are ten jobs that are safe from robots: • Automotive body and glass repairs • Heavy vehicle and mobile equipment service technicians…
    Terry Stoops, September 18, 2018
  • Will teachers’ post-retirement benefits break the bank?

    In Education Next, Chad Aldeman, a principal at Bellwether Education Partners and the editor of TeacherPensions.org, writes, The escalating costs are poised to raise the profile of these post-employment health benefits. And the ensuing debate is sure to raise broader questions about what districts owe their retirees and…
    Terry Stoops, September 18, 2018
  • Teacher diversity and charter schools

    In “Does Teacher Diversity Matter in Student Learning?” New York Times reporter Claire Cain Miller writes, As students have returned to school, they have been greeted by teachers who, more likely than not, are white women. That means many students will be continuing to…
    Terry Stoops, September 13, 2018
  • NCTQ wrong to blame “fiercely anti-tax movement” for low teacher salaries

    The National Council on Teacher Quality (NCTQ) is usually the voice of reason in debates about the teaching profession.  But NCTQ president Kate Walsh’s statement on a new USA Today and CBS News poll is little more than pandering to public school advocacy groups and teacher unions.  She…
    Terry Stoops, September 12, 2018