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  • Gov. Cooper supports corporations that profit from children

    Governor Roy Cooper is asking folks to donate school supplies to public schools.  The effort will start on August 14th and end on September 8. Remember that every purchase will support a for-profit corporation.  Why is this important?  As I wrote last week, Even if these charter [school]…
    Terry Stoops, August 11, 2017
  • WalletHub: N.C. has 13th best school system in the nation

    WalletHub, a website I love to hate, has released its 2017 States with the Best & Worst School Systems list.  North Carolina ranked 13th overall.  Only Virginia had a higher ranking in the Southeast (6th overall). According to the website, “To determine the top-performing school systems in America, WalletHub’s…
    Terry Stoops, August 1, 2017
  • Parents very satisfied with Opportunity Scholarships

    N.C. State researchers Anna Egalite, Ashley Gray, and Trip Stallings recently published “Parent Perspectives: Applicants to North Carolina’s Opportunity Scholarship Program Share Their Experiences.”  The report surveys the opinions of recipients and non-users of the Opportunity Scholarship Program, which offers $4,200 private school vouchers for children from low-income families.
    Terry Stoops, July 28, 2017
  • On choice, Hood urges rational debate while N&O editors rage

    When editorial boards write nonsense like this… In other words, the public school system that Republicans so gleefully attack changed North Carolina for the better and gave millions of North Carolina children some opportunities they wouldn’t have had otherwise. Republicans who want to destroy that system seem bent on…
    Terry Stoops, July 26, 2017
  • Details of education department cuts emerge

    WRAL reports that the State Board of Education approved their initial cuts to the N.C. Department of Public Instruction (DPI) budget.  The $2.5 million in cuts were mandated by the General Assembly in an effort to reduce the state’s sizable public education bureaucracy. Measures that will reduce overhead expenditures…
    Terry Stoops, July 25, 2017
  • Leandro: The Neverending Story

    According to the News & Observer, the Leandro court case is alive and well. Signaling a new era in a long-running public school lawsuit, the two sides in the landmark Leandro case on Monday requested an independent consultant to suggest additional steps to the state to improve education for…
    Terry Stoops, July 25, 2017
  • The frustration of “explaining” an answer on a math test

    This page is from a first-grade math test administered in a North Carolina public school.  At first, it may prompt a chuckle and a thumbs-up for a kiddo who has already learned what it means to “stick it to the man.” But think of how frustrating it must be for…
    Terry Stoops, July 20, 2017
  • Private school enrollment breaks 100,000 student barrier

    Home schools were not the only institutions to see enrollment gains. The Division of Non-Public Education also released private school statistics today.  Private school enrollment reached an all-time high during the 2016-17 school year – 100,585 students.  That was a 2,864 student or 2.9 percent increase since the 2015-16…
    Terry Stoops, July 19, 2017