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  • Teacher vacancies a problem only in certain subjects, school districts

    One of the outstanding features of the 2016-17 State of Teaching Profession Report is that it includes teacher vacancy data for the current school year.  The definition of a “vacancy” is important in this case. For the purposes of this report, NCDPI defined a teacher vacancy as an instructional…
    Terry Stoops, January 3, 2018
  • Teacher attrition rate decreased last year

    The 2016-17 State of the Teaching Profession in North Carolina will be discussed by the State Board of Education today.  The N.C. Department of Public Instruction posted the report this morning. All 115 LEAs reported their district-level employment data this year. The calculations show that out of the 94,792…
    Terry Stoops, January 3, 2018
  • The Story of the Salvation Army

    While the Salvation Army is best known for ringing bells and red kettles, the organization does much more than collect spare change during the holiday season. The Salvation Army has over 1.5 million members and assists 25 million Americans annually, including thousands of North Carolinians. Other services it provides include…
    Terry Stoops, December 25, 2017
  • The Story of NASCAR Great Dale Earnhardt

    On April 29, 1952, in Kannapolis, North Carolina, NASCAR racing legend Ralph Dale Earnhardt was born to Martha and Ralph Earnhardt. The elder Ralph was a stock car driver, and Dale spent a lot of time in the garage with his father learning about stock cars and engines. Ralph never…
    Terry Stoops, December 19, 2017
  • Why Common Core ignored cursive writing and North Carolina didn’t

    In 2013, the N.C. General Assembly passed legislation that required teachers to teach cursive handwriting to elementary school students.  Since then, other states have followed suit. But cursive writing is not part of the Common Core State Standards, which North Carolina adopted in 2010 and revised this year.  Thanks…
    Terry Stoops, December 19, 2017
  • Few educators are raging liberals

    The Education Week Research Center, a project of Education Week, surveyed the political opinions of 555 teachers, 266 school leaders, 202 district leaders, and 99 other school or district employees.  Here is what they found:                          …
    Terry Stoops, December 13, 2017
  • Bullied kid Keaton Jones deserves school choice

    The heartbreaking video of bullied middle-school student Keaton Jones has gone viral. If you haven’t done so, watch it. I suspect that the bullying at Horace Maynard Middle School near Knoxville, TN is not as rampant as some may believe.  Nevertheless, that does not mean that it’s…
    Terry Stoops, December 12, 2017
  • Barshay: U.S. educational system is deteriorating

    Jill Barshay contributing editor of The Hechinger Report sounds the alarm, The latest Progress in International Reading Literacy Study (PIRLS) — a reading comprehension test given to fourth graders in 58 countries and regions around the world — showed that U.S. performance is sliding in both absolute and relative terms.
    Terry Stoops, December 11, 2017