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  • The teacher quality debate

    Days after the NC Department of Public Instruction released teacher effectiveness ratings, the National Council on Teacher Quality published evaluations of teacher quality in each state. North Carolina fared poorly in the NCTQ study.  Overall, NC earned a D+.  Compared to efforts to raise teacher quality in other…
    Terry Stoops, January 25, 2012
  • Common Core Standards are “going to hit like a ton of bricks”

    Charlotte Observer education reporter Ann Doss Helms is following the Charlotte-Mecklenburg school board retreat today.  Two of her tweets from the meeting are worth noting: #cmsbd members say public knows little about federal changes that will shape local education, inc. Common Core Standards … Common Core Standards are “going to…
    Terry Stoops, January 20, 2012
  • N&O: Pre-k yay!

    “Study lauds role of early ed” is the headline of a story published in the News & Observer today.  It is a little misleading because The Abecedarian Project was unlike any “early ed” program that we have (or will have) in North Carolina. The Abecedarian study tracked the academic…
    Terry Stoops, January 20, 2012
  • Celebrate the week next week

    Next week, you have a choice. 1.  Attend a National School Choice Week event.  Here is a quick review of events in North Carolina: School choice pioneer Dr. Howard Fuller will be the keynote speaker at the Parents for Educational Freedom in NC (PEFNC) night of celebration…
    Terry Stoops, January 19, 2012
  • N&O editorial revised (you’re welcome)

    Note: As a courtesy, I revised the December 10, 2011 editorial for N&O editors.  The editorial is revised to reflect news that the Democrats on the Wake County school board agree with Republicans that protesters should answer for their alleged criminal behavior at trial, not remediation. Editorial: That’ll…
    Terry Stoops, January 19, 2012
  • Mamas make kids fat

    As I wrote yesterday, schools have banned certain foods and beverages from vending machines, made school breakfasts and lunches more nutritious, and prohibited certain businesses from opening near schools, but none of these approaches have been successful. Now there is even more evidence that schools cannot…
    Terry Stoops, January 18, 2012
  • NCAE: Two views

    How do you feel about the North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE)?  In an op-ed published in The Dispatch, Mary Cridlebaugh, who has been a member of NCAE since 1960, argued that ideological, angry Republicans voted to discontinue the dues checkoff allowance given to members of the NCAE…
    Terry Stoops, January 18, 2012
  • Harvard Business School report: U.S. has a competitiveness problem

    A report released today by the Havard Business School should be required reading for every politician and pundit in America. The survey findings help us pinpoint where the roots of the competitiveness problem lie.  Respondents saw the underlying business environment in America as still strong in critical areas, but…
    Terry Stoops, January 18, 2012