Terry Stoops

Vice President for Research and Director of Education Studies
Terry Stoops is the Vice President for Research and Director of Education Studies at the John Locke Foundation.

Before joining the Locke Foundation, he worked as the program assistant for the Child Welfare Education Programs at the University of Pittsburgh. After crossing the Mason-Dixon Line, he taught English at Spotsylvania High School and served as an adjunct instructor in professional communication at the University of Mary Washington. He was a research assistant in the Department of Leadership, Foundations, and Policy at the Curry School of Education, University of Virginia.

Stoops earned a bachelor’s degree in speech communication from Clarion University and a master’s degree in Administrative and Policy Studies from the University of Pittsburgh, School of Education. He received a Ph.D. in Social Foundations of Education from the University of Virginia, Curry School of Education.

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  • Wake County Schools is the latest district to ignore the scientific consensus on COVID

    Keung Hui of the News & Observer has the latest: Wake County students will not return to in-person instruction for at least another month due to concerns about rising COVID-19 numbers in the community. The Wake County school board voted 7-2 on Thursday to continue with…
    Terry Stoops, January 15, 2021
  • NCAE begs Cooper for immediate and significant executive action

    The North Carolina Association of Educators (NCAE) sent a letter to Gov. Cooper, imploring him to “take immediate and significant executive action to again curb community spread of this virus until such time that infection rates are again under control.” Curiously, NCAE leaders fail to identify what constitutes…
    Terry Stoops, January 14, 2021
  • Should we make meditation part of the curriculum?

    No, thank you.  Then again, at least meditation does not fill the minds of children with nonsense.
    Terry Stoops, December 16, 2020
  • Teachers resume talk of going on strike

    Here we go again.
    Terry Stoops, December 8, 2020
  • Additional information on teacher attrition rates

    A friend of the John Locke Foundation asked for additional context related to declining teacher attrition rates.  Here it is!   2015-16 Attrition rate: 9.04% Teachers employed: 95,549 Salary (benefits): $47,941 ($15,647) Retirements with full benefits: 19.8% of total attrition Dismissals: 0.2% of total attrition   2016-17 Attrition rate:…
    Terry Stoops, December 4, 2020
  • State health officials outline COVID-19 vaccine distribution plan

    At today’s State Board of Education meeting, Deputy Secretary of the NC Department of Health and Human Services Susan Gale-Perry, Dr. Betsey Tilson, and Dr. Aditi Mallick will describe the prioritization of the COVID-19 vaccine distribution. A summary of their plan is below (click to enlarge):…
    Terry Stoops, December 3, 2020
  • State Board of Education to discuss $514 million budget expansion proposal

    Wowza!  The NC State Board of Education has outlined a proposal that would add $514 million in state spending on K-12 education.  State Board members have yet to approve the proposal, which will form the basis of their request to the General Assembly next year. The largest line item is…
    Terry Stoops, December 1, 2020
  • Draft report: Teacher attrition slightly lower in 2020

    From the Annual Report on The State of the Teaching Profession draft report: The calculations show that out of the 94,410 teachers employed during the 2019-2020 school year, 7,111 teachers were reported as attrition (i.e., no longer working in a North Carolina public school in the 2019-20 school year),…
    Terry Stoops, November 30, 2020