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  • Turnabout is fair play

    OK, Roger Sharpe never was on WSJS yesterday. It was never mentioned in the half hour I listened to the program, so I got the impression he had to leave early, not that he was never there. Sharpe’s excuse? Sharpe’s spokeswoman, Miranda Burgin, said that he was called…
    Sam Hieb, November 3, 2006
  • Battle lines

    Talk about a two-front war. High Point Regional probably breathed a sigh of relief earlier in the week when the state denied turned down Forsyth Medical Center’s plan to build a hospital in Kernersville. That fight’s…
    Sam Hieb, November 3, 2006
  • Debt and deficit

    By the time I got in my car this evening, Roger Sharpe and Virginia Foxx had already left WSJS to move on to other engagements. So host Bob Costner threw the lines open, and two straight callers challenged Foxx’s knowledge of the national debt, with the second caller saying…
    Sam Hieb, November 2, 2006
  • Second time today

    So I caught an old episode of MASH earlier this evening. It’s the one where Potter appoints Hawkeye and B.J. morale officers when they complain constantly about the movies. They put Klinger on the hunt for new movies, but all he can scrounge is — you guessed it —…
    Sam Hieb, November 2, 2006
  • Terror of a tiny town

    Via Cone, Rockingham County races, including Chris Knight’s zany TV ad, are highlighted in today’s NYT: The election season is getting punchier in places far from the national political spotlight — even in Eden, N.C., where 16 candidates are slugging it out for the five available…
    Sam Hieb, November 2, 2006
  • Outfoxxed

    Despite being banned from the studio, the Journal gets its story on Foxx-Sharpe debate, with a little help from media partner FOX-8. It looks like the ususal barbs were traded, although Foxx pointed out that she didn’t rubber-stamp every Bush administration policy: Foxx has not shied away from supporting…
    Sam Hieb, November 2, 2006
  • Right thing, wrong time

    As they sat in this afternoon’s meeting trying to figure out how give minority contractors some business, little did school superintendent Terry Grier or present board members know the catastrophe they would face about an hour later. The meeting pales in comparison but nonetheless was very interesting. As…
    Sam Hieb, November 1, 2006
  • Back in the city

    Cone and Hoggard discuss Mitchell Johnson’s statement. So Johnson said he relied on the RMA report, which many believe has questionable credibility?…
    Sam Hieb, November 1, 2006