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  • That’s the way it is

    There were two discusssions of the Greensboro-High Point turf war in yesterday’s N&R. The first was an (unposted) essay by UNCH professor Andrew Brod. Brod takes HP to task for for neither being comprehensive nor regional in their pursuit of La-Z-Boy. Brod writes that incentives are about…
    Sam Hieb, November 20, 2006
  • Round department in square hole

    In his Rhino article on the police chief forums, John Hammer gives Mitchell Johnson credit for getting up and fielding questions from the public. But then there’s this interesting passage: Two statements that Johnson made which may indicate the source of the problems in the police department under Johnson’s administration…
    Sam Hieb, November 17, 2006
  • Expectations

    Cone, Guarino and ConAlt on Bledsoe’s latest chapter. To the the truth, the story in print didn’t meet the expectations raised by the blogosphere. I was getting the feeling Lorraine Ahearn was a regular Judith Miller, only to find out her biggest story was the one…
    Sam Hieb, November 17, 2006
  • High drama

    I thought the only thing that could be more dramatic than Bo Schembechler’s death before tomorrow’s Michigan Ohio State game would be if Bear Bryant died right before he coached his last game. But Schembechler may have only topped himself: Schembechler was the epitome of blazing intensity. He paced…
    Sam Hieb, November 17, 2006
  • It’s for the children

    This is beautiful: A staff member for John Edwards tried to buy a PlayStation 3 for the former U.S. senator’s family at a Raleigh Wal-Mart on the same day Edwards was criticizing the retailer’s treatment of its employees, the company said yesterday. Edwards said last night that he and…
    Sam Hieb, November 17, 2006
  • Call their bluff

    So while the Guilford County commissioners were stingy with the school system, they were in a more generous mood with, offering up $650,000 in economic incentives. It was a somewhat subdued discussion, as commissioners Billy Yow and Steve Arnold, the most vocal opponents of economic incentives, stayed out…
    Sam Hieb, November 17, 2006
  • Chopping block

    Guilford County Commissioners unanimously spike the GCS’ request for $2.2 million for the culinary arts academy at High Point Central. The cruel irony here is the commission had granted the school system the money in an earlier vote, but commissioner Bruce Davis rescinded his vote before it was tabled…
    Sam Hieb, November 16, 2006
  • Cool

    It’s 1934 all over again…..not. Fortunately for my grandmother, my mother was born in March. They didn’t have air conditioning back then, you know. Via The Locker Room.
    Sam Hieb, November 16, 2006