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  • Scrutiny

    N&R endorses Watt. Something to think about: Should the Democrats gain control of the House, Watt’s seniority on key committees will take on added importance. On the home front, he earns high marks for constituent services. With that in mind, here are Watt’s views on, among other things,…
    Sam Hieb, October 27, 2006
  • In broad daylight?

    For some reason, I found this interesting: A Greensboro police officer is facing charges of prostitution in High Point. According to High Point police, Cpl. Christopher Smith, 47, was arrested on a charge of solicitation of prostitution Oct. 20. The arrest came at 11:25 a.m. in…
    Sam Hieb, October 27, 2006
  • Inquiring minds want to know

    While we’re on the subject of N&R editorials, ConAlt says the paper continues to editorialize in its news coverage. Funny, I felt the same way when reading this story on a UNCG communications class on the Truth and Reconciliation report. The story provides the thinnest…
    Sam Hieb, October 26, 2006
  • Promises they can’t keep

    Yes! Weekly columnist Ogi Overman is suddenly a wise man in Hoggard’s book. If you’ll remember, Ogi and Hogg were on opposite sides of the great downtown baseball stadium debate. But as judgment day on War Memorial Stadium approaches, Ogi gets warm fuzzies for the…
    Sam Hieb, October 26, 2006
  • Because she said so

    Elizabeth Dole says Republicans will retain control of the Senate: “I am not making predictions on how many seats we end up with, but we will hold the majority,” Dole, R-N.C., said during an hourlong luncheon yesterday at the National Press Club…. Dole pointed to several seats currently held…
    Sam Hieb, October 26, 2006
  • Eye on the competition

    It’s obvious the AJC reporters are overjoyed about the Coke land deal that possibly sets up an Atlanta civil rights museum: Following a tradition of landmark gestures to the city, Coca-Cola has agreed to grant a piece of land next to the Georgia Aquarium for an attraction honoring Atlanta…
    Sam Hieb, October 25, 2006
  • October surprise

    The cynics among us would say there’s something weird about this going down two weeks before the election.
    Sam Hieb, October 25, 2006
  • Plenty to go around

    Hinson attorney Ken Free: “The citizens of Greensboro deserve to know the truth, but most of all, Lt. Hinson and his family deserve closure to these acts that have destroyed his goals and dreams that he will never be able to attain due to the actions of David Wray,…
    Sam Hieb, October 25, 2006