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  • Blocking the door

    Virginia Foxx doesn’t want reporters at Wednesday’s taping of her debate with Roger Sharpe: …Foxx said through her aides that she believed reporters should not be at the taping because she wanted her first TV debate with Sharpe to be on Sunday, as opposed to a Thursday newspaper edition.
    Sam Hieb, October 31, 2006
  • Power struggle

    Here’s an interesting passage from this Journal article on the formation of a group to combat institutional racism: The Rev. Kelly Carpenter, the senior pastor at Green Street United Methodist Church, said that progress to reduce institutional racism would be slow. Many of the organizations in the county were…
    Sam Hieb, October 31, 2006
  • Sunset?

    As the clock ticks toward War Memorial Stadium’s ultimate fate, Hoggard keeps bringing the heat on the N&R editorial board. I may have been I bit shrill last week when Hoggard quoted Ogi while exposing the N&R’s hypocrisy. Ogi may have seen the light…
    Sam Hieb, October 30, 2006
  • Dangerous ground

    Right Angles has the list of North Carolina’s most dangerous cities. Greensboro ranks below Raleigh, which, if you read the N&O, is hard to believe.
    Sam Hieb, October 30, 2006
  • Hot air

    Here’s a complicated AP story in the Winston-Salem Journal on the Supreme Court’s decision to hear a case involving Duke Energy power plant emissions. The article subtly editorializes that the Bush administration is tripping itself over environmental policy: Unfortunately for the administration, environmental groups persuaded the Supreme Court to…
    Sam Hieb, October 30, 2006
  • Monday morning QB

    The Meck Deck’s Jeff Taylor says stick a fork in the Panthers, while thet N&R’s Ed Hardin writes “the blowout exposed the Panthers as a team with obvious problems in key areas.” But the game wasn’t a blowout. In fact, I thought the defense did a good job…
    Sam Hieb, October 30, 2006
  • Out of the blocks

    The Sunday editions: N&R endorses Miller, tentatively: Rep. Brad Miller, Democratic incumbent in the 13th Congressional District, doesn’t come across as the most scintillating candidate. In contrast, Republican challenger Vernon Robinson arguably is the political equivalent of a spectacular car wreck — from his fiery rhetoric to ugly ads…
    Sam Hieb, October 30, 2006
  • Present tense

    I’m a little confused by the language in this morning’s N&R article on’s new distribution center in High Point. It looks like a done deal, considering the fact that city employees — don’t they have work to do?– unfurled the banner at yesterday’s press conference. But then there’s…
    Sam Hieb, October 27, 2006