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  • The one

    HP scores another local company, again with taxpayers’ help: The One North Carolina Fund (formerly the Governor’s Industrial Recruitment Competitiveness Fund) was created in 1993 to help North Carolina achieve its stated goal of economic growth through uniform regional prosperity. The fund currently consists of nonrecurring appropriations…
    Sam Hieb, December 12, 2006
  • Mercenary solution

    The N&O discusses premium teacher pay in Guilford County: If that solution seems mercenary to some, that’s unfortunate. The future of thousands of North Carolina youngsters hang in the balance, and this is a perfectly reasonable attempt to address a well-known problem…. It makes sense that better pay for…
    Sam Hieb, December 12, 2006
  • Self-flagellation

    If you ask me, UNCG’s course on business morality is yet another example of the self-flagellation that’s become commonplace on college campuses: John Allison IV is a student of capitalist philosophy, so the BB&T chief executive officer wanted to encourage the study at UNCG. In a statement, Allison said…
    Sam Hieb, December 12, 2006
  • Valet parking

    You knew the outcome of yesterday’s Winston-Salem finance committee meeting before reading it in this morning’s Journal. Sure enough, the committee recommended $29 million in incentives for the city’s new downtown stadium. But wait, ti gets better: the city is also thinking about paying $16.3 million for 1,000 parking spaces…
    Sam Hieb, December 12, 2006
  • Outsider looking in

    Note the commenter on the post below. E.C. Huey is indeed my colleague with the now-defunct Triad Business News. Here’s his site. This should be an interesting race, even more so than Dot Kearns’ ’04 race against Jim Kirkpatrick, a worthy opponent but as much of an insider…
    Sam Hieb, December 11, 2006
  • A footnote…

    So there’s concern about the fate of WSFCS’ Career Center if Forsyth Tech buys the building with — you guessed it– bond money. Oh, by the way, the school system would have to move its administrative offices, too.
    Sam Hieb, December 11, 2006
  • Breaker breaker

    Here’s an interesting NY Times article on one of the Triad’s major industries: trucking. More interesting is the article’s anti-Bush bias. Bottom line: George Bush is responsible for trucks killing people: As Dorris Edwards slowed for traffic near Kingdom City, Mo., on her way home from a Thanksgiving…
    Sam Hieb, December 11, 2006
  • Bank on it

    The Journal’s Scott Sexton assures readers that the new downtown ballpark/mixed use development will indeed fulfill its promise. How does Sexton know? Billy Prim told him. Billy Prim paid attention to the details and got everything nailed down before making a splashy announcement. Billy Prim will close this deal.
    Sam Hieb, December 8, 2006