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  • Will Berger’s opponent remain on the ballot?

    Maybe it’s me, but it seems like all of a sudden there is a wave of citizen candidacy challenges at various levels of government. One example is the challenge to council member Todd Rotruck’s residency, which has effectively shut down the Summerfield Town Council as Rotruck’s case works its…
    Sam Hieb, June 1, 2018
  • Oh yeah– then there’s Charlotte’s light rail….

    As you can imagine, the Charlotte Observer is quite upset over the provision in the proposed budget stating “A light rail project is ineligible for scoring, prioritization, and State funding until a written agreement is provided to the Department establishing that all non-State funding necessary to construct the project…
    Sam Hieb, May 30, 2018
  • Legislative Republicans putting brakes on Durham-Orange light rail?

    Big News & Observer article on a provision in the revised legislative budget that would require GoTriangle and Durham and Orange counties to have all the local and federal money for the light-rail project before seeking state funding. The catch is the federal government requires all state and local…
    Sam Hieb, May 29, 2018
  • Charlotte’s Blue Line extension numbers are out….

    The first full month ridership numbers are out for Charlotte’s Lynx Blue Line extension are out, and the result is….numbers are down: The $1.1 billion Lynx Blue Line Extension opened March 16, connecting uptown to UNC Charlotte. After the opening, the entire Blue Line averaged 26,064 trips on an…
    Sam Hieb, May 29, 2018
  • Bill would let Rockingham County post legal notices on website

    Rockingham County Reps. Kyle Hall and Bert Jones have have sponsored legislation that would allow Rockingham County to publish legal notices on its website instead of in the local newspaper. Neighboring Guilford County recently began publishing legal notices on its website following passage of a bill sponsored by Sen.Trudy…
    Sam Hieb, May 24, 2018
  • Don’t count on Davidson to start a charter school

    Interesting to see Davidson Mayor Rusty Knox weigh in on House Bill 514, which would allow suburban Charlotte cities to create their own charter schools: “This has almost become a political poker chip with our kids,” said Knox, a CMS alum and parent. “We’re just not going to do…
    Sam Hieb, May 23, 2018
  • Surprise! N&R ponders voter fraud

    Greensboro News & Record editorial writer Steven Doyle’s column starts out innocently enough—the state Division of Motor Vehicles snafu that had him living in Rockingham County when he really lived in Guilford County. Doyle describes the process of untangling a DMV screw-up—no mean feat, mind you—but the shoe…
    Sam Hieb, May 23, 2018
  • No tax increase equals payoff for Durham residents

    News & Observer headline might lead the reader to think that Durham taxpayers are getting some relief due to “all those new people and buildings coming to Durham.” Instead we learn that City Manager Tom Bonfield is merely seeking to hold the current property tax rate. I reckon taxpayers…
    Sam Hieb, May 22, 2018