Sam Hieb

Contributing Editor
Sam Hieb is freelance journalist from Greensboro, North Carolina. He is a contributing editor for Carolina Journal and for Piedmont Publius, a blog that focuses on political activity in North Carolina’s Triad (Greensboro, Winston-Salem, and High Point) region. Hieb received a B.A. in English and an M.A. in History from UNC-Greensboro.

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  • Charlotte-Panthers-MLS $110m saga continues

    There is a lot going on here, but I’ll just jump to the chase–the City of Charlotte is holding firm —so far–on its offer of $110 million to pay for upgrades to Bank of America Stadium to accommodate the city’s recently acquired Major League Soccer franchise. But the…
    Sam Hieb, January 16, 2020
  • ‘If Trump is innocent, what is there to fear?’

    Letter to the editor in today’s Greensboro News & Record with the above headline. Greensboro resident David Hammond writes: American democracy will suffer if the Senate does not conduct an impartial impeachment trial. The required impartiality oath nevertheless appears meaningless to those senators, including North Carolina’s Thom Tillis, who…
    Sam Hieb, January 15, 2020
  • Media to N.C.–please be like Kansas

    Amazing how one state does something and now our wonderful state of North Carolina must follow suit–or so the mainstream media says so. Case in point—Kansas expands Medicaid, so both the Winston-Salem Journal and the News & Observer say North Carolina should do the same. To be fair–the…
    Sam Hieb, January 13, 2020
  • Newsflash–Greensboro might turn down Justice Dept. grant

    Over the years of following local government, I’ve come to the conclusion that there not a federal grant out there local politicians don’t like. Heaven forbid they would turn their nose up at so-called “free money,” as they like to call it. Bt the Rhino Times reports the Greensboro…
    Sam Hieb, January 10, 2020
  • Last-minute budget tweeks for Greensboro’s downtown performing arts center

    Last night the Greensboro City Council approved $3.1 million in budget amendments for the city’s downtown Tanger Center for the Performing Arts, which is scheduled to open in March. According to the News & Record: One of the resolutions council passed — by a 7-1 vote — calls for…
    Sam Hieb, January 8, 2020
  • Downtown Asheville hotel dispute heads to state Supreme Court

    This morning the N.C. Supreme Court will hear arguments in the case of Parks Hospitality Group vs. the City of Asheville over a proposed downtown hotel and parking deck that the City Council voted down three years ago: The Asheville Area Chamber of Commerce and former Vice Mayor Jan…
    Sam Hieb, January 6, 2020
  • Obama to receive Gboro civil rights museum award. Will he show up to get it?

    Rhino Times reports former President Barak Obama is being awarded the “Alston/Jones International Civil and Human Rights Award” at this year’s International Civil Rights Center and Museum gala in Greensboro. This year’s gala marks the 60th anniversary of the historic sit-ins at the downtown Woolworth’s that was a major…
    Sam Hieb, January 3, 2020
  • Would more people ride the bus—even if it were free?

    Local angle—I saw a totally empty Greensboro Transit Authority bus cruising down Benjamin Parkway yesterday 5:45. Just saying. So with that in mind, I direct you to this NPR story on Kansas City’s “radical” idea to get more people to ride city buses—-make it free. But what would happen…
    Sam Hieb, December 31, 2019