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  • New Carolina Journal Online features

    Donna Martinez reports for Carolina Journal Online that some Orange County residents are complaining about taxpayer-funded promotional material used to tout the county’s upcoming sales-tax referendum. John Hood’s Daily Journal focuses on John Hood — more precisely, John Bell Hood, the Confederate Civil War general.
    Mitch Kokai, October 18, 2011
  • New at CJO: President stumps for jobs plan

    The latest Carolina Journal Online news report focuses on President Obama’s bus tour through western and Piedmont North Carolina to promote his jobs plan.
    Mitch Kokai, October 17, 2011
  • Atlas Network’s Palmer defends the morality of capitalism

    Most complaints about capitalism actually target “cronyism,” an economic system distinct from free-market capitalism.  In contrast to cronyism, free-market capitalism promotes morality and leads to numerous social benefits. Tom Palmer of the Atlas Network and Cato Institute made those points today during a presentation to the John Locke Foundation’s Shaftesbury…
    Mitch Kokai, October 17, 2011
  • New at CJO: A Shuler challenger takes the bonded term-limit pledge

    David Bass reports for Carolina Journal Online that Dan Eichenbaum, a Republican who hopes to unseat Democratic U.S. Rep. Heath Shuler in the 11th District, has signed a bonded term-limits pledge.
    Mitch Kokai, October 17, 2011
  • Barone finds some adult leadership in today’s political debates

    Michael Barone‘s latest Washington Examiner column identifies a surprising source of “adult leadership” on today’s major American public policy issues. The answer, I think, is where the Founding Fathers seem to have least expected it, from the House of Representatives, and specifically from its…
    Mitch Kokai, October 17, 2011
  • Should Americans root for GE? Carney thinks not

    Timothy P. Carney‘s latest Washington Examiner article takes General Electric CEO Jeffrey Immelt to task for suggesting that Americans “ought to be cheerleaders for his multinational industrial conglomerate.” Americans from Left to Right derided this notion. Liberal New York Times columnist Paul…
    Mitch Kokai, October 17, 2011
  • Probing the occupiers’ goals

    You might prefer John Hood’s take on the topic — “a new name for an old, discredited brand of radical politics” — but TIME also scrutinizes the occupier movement. Their anger is shared, but their policy focus is still subject to debate. It’s hashed…
    Mitch Kokai, October 17, 2011
  • TIME takes the Cain surge seriously

    The latest issue features a four-page profile on Herman Cain‘s presidential bid: [N]ow the joke is on the Establishment. Surging in the polls nationally and in key primary states, and lifting voters from their seats with his rousing, sermon-style oratory, Herman Cain is roiling…
    Mitch Kokai, October 17, 2011