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  • Arbitrary & Capricious Pseudoscience

    Asheville City Council has been grappling for months with how to define parameters for a pending steep slopes ordinance. A three-year-old initiative to streamline the UDO to make Asheville more development-friendly went south under the direction of Asheville’s new Progressive leadership. City planners are now working to strengthen and broaden…
    Leslee Kulba, July 11, 2007
  • Oh, Give Me a Home!

    Asheville is becoming a mecca for the homeless. Since city council adopted the Ten-Year-Plan to End Homelessness two years ago, people have noted increases in vagrancies. A man who works for the homeless in Marion confirmed rumors that other municipalities are busing the homeless to Asheville. He said often when…
    Leslee Kulba, July 11, 2007
  • Speaking with One Voice Against Diversity

    One of the hottest topics in Asheville is the partisan/nonpartisan election debate. Council voted June 12 to change the city charter to make elections partisan. This would give those who asked for and supported the change a major statistical advantage, as registered Democrats (58%) outnumber Republicans (20%) in Asheville. Even…
    Leslee Kulba, July 11, 2007
  • Welcome to Asheville

    Welcome to Western North Carolina, renowned for its resplendent natural beauty. Our people are largely rugged individualists who managed to hold on to their Second Amendment rights. For the most part, they stay staked out in the boondocks. It isn’t unusual out here for a sheriff to build up a…
    Leslee Kulba, July 10, 2007