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  • Big Companies Try to Improve Care Through Direct Contracts

    General Motors (GM) will soon offer employees a new health benefit. It is part of an emerging trend of large employers contracting directly with health care providers who offer coverage for just about any type of medical service an employee may need, following the lead of small companies…
    Jordan Roberts, August 17, 2018
  • Mental Health Patients Could Benefit from Telemedicine

    Rachel Z. Ardnt writes in an article in Modern Health about the potential benefits of integrating telemedicine into treatment for patients with behavioral and mental health issues: But digital tools are opening up more vantage points and providers are gaining new insights into their patients’ mental and emotional states—which…
    Jordan Roberts, August 15, 2018
  • FCC Initiative Aims to Extend Healthcare Access

    The Federal Communication Commission (FCC) voted to approve a Notice of Inquiry which would move forward a plan to launch a “Connected Care Pilot Program.” The program would allocate $100 million for new telehealth initiatives that would promote “connected care” for low-income and…
    Jordan Roberts, August 14, 2018