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  • Medicaid is awful

    Live Blog The other day, a young woman told me about her experience on Medicaid. She was recently divorced and trying to get back on her feet, so she signed up for the state-federal health “insurance” program. What she learned, however, was that Medicaid rules meant she…
    Joseph Coletti, March 23, 2011
  • No ObamaCare Exchange in Louisiana

    Live Blog From this morning's Politico Pulse ONLY IN PULSE: JINDAL SAYS NO ON HEALTH EXCHANGE – The Louisiana governor’s office gave PULSE the first definitive answer on whether it would run its own health exchange, and it took them only two letters: no. “Obamacare is a terrible…
    Joseph Coletti, March 22, 2011
  • Georgia drops exchange bill

    Live Blog Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal pulled a bill that would have created an ObamaCare health insurance exchange. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reports. The legislation enjoyed wide support until phone calls started rolling in this week from tea partyers. Deal said Wednesday that he would put the…
    Joseph Coletti, March 17, 2011
  • Film Office flim flam

    Live Blog The Wilmington Star-News touts state subsidies to movies. Not all of the money goes to movie stars, however, some of it goes to promoting the tax credits themselves. The N.C. Film Office plans to print out business cards and give them to film…
    Joseph Coletti, March 17, 2011
  • Budget transfers

    Live Blog The North Carolina Institute for Constitutional Law explained to State Controller David McCoy why the governor cannot just transfer money from one account to another as she chooses to pay bills. This follows two earlier memos on transfers and the special objects clause of…
    Joseph Coletti, March 15, 2011
  • Neither size nor shape

    Live Blog Patrick Basham and John Luik summarize recent research exposing obesity myths. The most recent example is from the Lancet, where researchers write that fat distribution (pear-shaped vs apple-shaped), BMI, and other measures of obesity don't help determine cardiovascular disease once you account for cholesterol, blood pressure,…
    Joseph Coletti, March 15, 2011
  • Amazon skips North Carolina

    Illinois became the latest state to impose an Amazon Tax. If you remember, North Carolina’s attempt to tax the retailer led Amazon (and, Blue Nile, and others) to end relationships with affiliate businesses in North Carolina that drove business to the site. That meant North…
    Joseph Coletti, March 14, 2011