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  • What is happening to Raleigh?

    Raleigh was once a leading light among American cities, notable not only for its excellent climate for families and businesses, but also for its innovative leadership that sought to improve city services while reducing the burden it placed on municipal taxpayers. Under Mayor Tom Fetzer, for example, Raleigh’s police department…
    Jon Sanders, August 4, 2008
  • Coalition of We Need Something to Do This Weekend meets

    Per WRAL: A group protesting against a possible war with Iran demonstrated in Raleigh Saturday. The North Carolina Coalition to Stop War on Iran held a march and rally to protest the growing threat of western-led attacks on Iran.
    Jon Sanders, August 4, 2008
  • NPR: Rules Grammar Change

    I was reminded of one of my all-time favorite Onion articles when I read and puzzled over this bizarre headline on NPR: Plan To Stop Right Whale Ship Strikes Stuck Upon first read, it’s hard to tell where the nouns stop being used as adjectives, and on second…
    Jon Sanders, July 25, 2008
  • Cutting the Brainian knot

    Marshall Brain is generally adept at explaining How Stuff Works. When he ventures into trying to explain how things should work, he doesn't do quite as well. In economics, a subject that vexes Brain (q.v., life would be better if we doubled the minimum wage), it is the difference between positive economics and normative economics. In an op-ed in The News & Observer, Brain proposes a way to solve Raleigh's problem, which is defined by Brain as being a place a prospective convention-goer would not be "excited" about. Much more after the break.
    Jon Sanders, July 22, 2008
  • What are the odds the City of Raleigh places a bid?

    MSNBC on the death of a dream in Seattle: City officials decided to pull the plug on the multimillion-dollar self-cleaning toilet stalls and instead put them on the auction site eBay. Starting bids are $89,000 apiece. Neighbors and city-commissioned analysts said the unisex facilities attracted drug users and…
    Jon Sanders, July 21, 2008
  • Headline: Cow farts collected in plastic tank for global warming study

    I swear, I pledge, I affirm, I give my solemn vow, I make whatever other obeisance I can to Truth with a capital T: I am not making this story up. I am serious. Here is the picture from the article, which is from The Telegraph…
    Jon Sanders, July 10, 2008
  • Latest on that satanic rape ritual case

    Per WRAL: A search warrant released Monday shows a man and woman lived with the couple they allege starved and beat them. Joseph Scott Craig, 25, and his wife, Joy Johnson, 30, were arrested last month after a man and a woman told authorities they were beaten, shackled…
    Jon Sanders, July 7, 2008
  • Edwards’ plan to stay ‘relevant’ for 10 more years

    It's the same old song and dance from the poverty pimp, but at least he's not using the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill for it this time. Under the Dome reports that Edwards participated in a two-part photo shoot for GQ magazine (reportedly, a certain bespectacled political columnist needed restraint at that news) to promote something he calls the "Half in Ten" program, ostensibly to cut poverty in half in ten years. Naturally, this program continues to reflect Edwards' counterproductive approaches to poverty; i.e., his infatuation with the age-old delusion that the state can solve poverty without addressing how wealth is produced or, especially in America, what makes some people not productive and government's role in exacerbating that. The report on which his program would be based leads with a massive increase in the minimum wage, Edwards' pat response to fighting poverty and one that is guaranteed to make it harder for the poorest and least employable to find work. The top five recommendations are:
    Jon Sanders, June 18, 2008