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  • An observation from the blogosphere

    The following is from a local sports blog, StateFansNation, and I pass it along because in the course of the post, the author hits on why blogs are an increasingly successful medium. It's a topic I took up several years ago, and this post illustrates my point then. Here's what SFN had to say in response to a CBS analyst, Seth Davis: I look at it like this — we have a group of lawyers, engineers, statisticians, bankers and other professionals that make up the volunteer author team at SFN. As a hobby, we’ve been able to successfully build a ‘media presence’ competing against the good old mainstream media like Seth and others. Over the last few years we’ve been able to generate a decent amount of credibility and following; and we’ve generated well over 25 million pageviews since we launched. That’s pretty good. Pretty successful. And, pretty amazing for a bunch of hacks with no ‘formal’ training who just sit down in front of a keyboard. So allow me to ask you professionals a question — conversely, could Seth Davis, Gary Parrish, Tim Brando, Mike Patrick or most any other of these national sports guys turn the table on you and so easily walk into your profession and claim such success with no real experience? Could one of these guys underwrite a loan? try a legal case? spec requirements for building? perform surgery? sell a medical device? treat a sick animal? run a business and meet payroll? obtain a consulting or M&A engagement from a Fortune 500 client? audit a firm or compile financial statements of a business? After the break, here is how I explained the evolution of news media (with emphasis added):
    Jon Sanders, February 11, 2011
  • Kudos to Drudge for this headline

    TOGETHER WE THRIVE: Dem Compares Republicans to Nazis during House debate… The Angry Left’s hypocrisy on this issue is patently evident: Hey, what’s it gonna take for someone to make those [expletive] violent crazy racist [expletive] Taliban asshats shut the [expletive] up and be civil? Right now, it’s a…
    Jon Sanders, January 19, 2011
  • Democrats are tilting at windmills with Rep. Ellmers

    WRAL reports today that “Democrats in North Carolina are trying to pressure Republican U.S. Rep. Renee Ellmers to support the health care overhaul that passed Congress last year” by “holding a phone bank Tuesday to call constituents in Ellmers’ district.” Right. Good luck with that. I first met…
    Jon Sanders, January 18, 2011
  • Were they feeding the audience applause lines?

    Jon Ham said it was another Wellstone funeral pep rally. They passed out T-shirts as if it were a college basketball game. Now this: Yesterday, I posted this photo from Flickr taken at the Obama “Let’s Thrive” pep rally in Tucson on Wednesday. As you can tell…
    Jon Sanders, January 16, 2011
  • Kansas cultists to make asses of themselves at Elizabeth Edwards’ funeral

    Per WRAL (yes, the utterly despicable Phelpsians again).
    Jon Sanders, December 9, 2010
  • 1/32,000ths of NC State students draw a bad scribble. Clearly a mandatory diversity class is needed!

    The theme of the week appears to be finding less overt ways to block access to the Free Expression Tunnel. It turns out that locking arms and physically preventing students from passing through the FET also cuts shuts down the only handicap-accessible tunnel on campus (and is also a far…
    Jon Sanders, November 8, 2010
  • Blocking the Free Expression Tunnel is even worse

    So far the way the NC State’s leaders have handled this latest tunnel controversy is completely counter to the idea of “Free Expression.” Beyond offering a mealy-mouthed “free expression, but” defense for selective censorship, they have also allowed mob rule to block access to all expression. Even for…
    Jon Sanders, November 4, 2010
  • New NC State chancellor is just another free-expression wimp

    It’s a concept so simple even the leader of the state’s largest research university ought to be able to understand. Either the expression in the “Free Expression” Tunnel is free or it is not. There is no “free, but…” Yes, once again, something offensive has been painted in the…
    Jon Sanders, November 3, 2010