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  • UNC-Chapel Hill professor arrested for indecent exposure

    From WSB-TV News in Atlanta, Georgia: A men’s restroom at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport has become the playground for men who want to pleasure themselves in public and try to pick up other men according to police. Since December, officers have arrested and charged 11 men with public indecency. The…
    Jon Sanders, January 19, 2007
  • Duke’s Curtis crisis

    K.C. Johnson writes a devastating column for the Pope Center for Higher Education Policy today. A few highights: On March 29, she emailed fellow Durham activists expressing outrage that defense attorneys had (correctly) stated that no DNA match would occur to any lacrosse player. “The self assurance,” wrote Curtis,…
    Jon Sanders, January 18, 2007
  • So do Seligmann, Evans and Finnerty!

    Just posted on Drudge (no story yet):…
    Jon Sanders, January 12, 2007
  • “Duke hasn’t changed”

    You’d think the “adults” at Duke would be wiser to rape hoaxes and “hate-crime” hoaxes by now. Remember this? At Duke University last November [1997], a group of students hanged from a tree a black doll bearing a sign that read “Duke hasn’t changed.” They also covered…
    Jon Sanders, January 11, 2007
  • Up to 11 roundabouts in a 2-mile stretch on Hillsborough Street?

    Hillsborough Street is a main artery into downtown Raleigh. It also goes past the North Carolina State campus. For years on campus the talk has been of finding something to do about the traffic on Hillsborough Street, but it has all boiled down essentially to wishing the problem away and…
    Jon Sanders, January 8, 2007
  • Quote of the day

    “My question for you is: Are you going to help make me president so I can do these things for you?” [John Edwards] said. “If you want my help, I need your help in the process.”…
    Jon Sanders, January 4, 2007
  • Now I understand. This is what a huge convention center can give Raleigh: a horrid “theme song”

    As my friend Randy would say, I weep. According to ABC 11 News, Raleigh's theme song "was written and performed by the staff at the Raleigh Convention Center who believed it was time the Capital City had its own theme song." Collectively, apparently, they conceived the following (lyrics courtesy of the N&O): Shine Raleigh shine We're a city on the rise No compromise We'll be taken as we grow Got an old town feel Technical appeal And everybody's mind will glow We'll be taken as we grow? Everybody's mind will ... glow?
    Jon Sanders, January 3, 2007
  • Politically expedient “rape” is more equal than real rape

    This post revisits one of my initial ones from last year concerning the now-dropped allegation of gang rape against Duke’s lacrosse team: [W]here have these demonstrators been? The last year for which there are data, 2004, there were 91 rapes reported in Durham — where was the…
    Jon Sanders, January 3, 2007