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  • WPTF: Duke should have hired a black football coach because of racial tension last year

    Note: This entry has been changed for reasons listed above. Just before 8 a.m. this morning, someone on WPTF criticized Duke University for not hiring a black football coach1 instead of David Cutcliffe. Specifically, this person touted the candidacy of Grambling State coach Rod Broadway, former N.C. Central head…
    Jon Sanders, December 18, 2007
  • Absinthe is legal again in the U.S.

    It’s well past due. Another prohibition falls. I have amended my Christmas list accordingly. These articles will tell you more — although they credit different people for the reversal of the century-old ban. Salut!…
    Jon Sanders, December 16, 2007
  • Cary Wal-Mart1 makes national news for selling slutty panties to girls

    Per Fox: Suggestive pink Santa panties targeting young girls are being removed from Wal-Mart stores after parents objected to the offensive undergarments. The panties, which were sold in the juniors department, seemed to suggest that girls don’t need money, they just need a sugar daddy — in…
    Jon Sanders, December 12, 2007
  • Crime fighting, the YouTube effect

    This cracked me up: When a robber started taking cash from his register over the weekend, Dunkin’ Donuts employee Dustin Hoffmann fought back by clobbering the man with a ceramic mug. But Hoffmann admits he was less worried about the stolen cash than how he might look on the…
    Jon Sanders, December 12, 2007
  • It happened again

    Everyone, please remember (write it on your arm if you have to): Don’t get tattooed in a language you yourself cannot read. Otherwise you risk suffering this poor girl’s fate: Something similar happened to poor Nikki, who asked that she have her name rendered in Chinese…
    Jon Sanders, December 12, 2007
  • The Sandinistas are in Canada

    The Sandinistas: The Sandinistas’ real face is not hard to find. A few years ago, the chief of censorship at the Interior Ministry explained the censoring of La Prensa with a comment that would have made George Orwell blush. She said, and I quote: “They accused us of suppressing…
    Jon Sanders, December 10, 2007
  • The spirit of the lynch mob lived on in — oh, wait, this is about Bill Clinton? Nah, he’s cool. Or: Are Duke lacrosse team members ‘as black as’ Obama now?

    Last year, when the Gang of 88 at Duke were in high dudgeon over the infamous rape hoax that victimized Duke lacrosse players, the News & Observer published a truly atrocious article by visiting professor Timothy Tyson in which the author wrote that (emphasis added) The spirit of the…
    Jon Sanders, December 10, 2007
  • Told you so

    In writing last week about the NC Community College System admitting illegal immigrants, I wrote: I expect this will renew a push for in-state tuition for illegal immigrants. If you don’t need proper documentation to be enrolled at a public community college in N.C., it will be horrible! unfair!…
    Jon Sanders, December 7, 2007