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  • Answering questions on a new way forward in alcohol policy

    North Carolina's Alcoholic Beverage Control system is extremely bureaucratic and highly regulated. My new report discusses the ramifications of this state government control over a legal product and considers an alternative system, licensing, already in use by the majority of states.
    Jon Sanders, May 10, 2019
  • “Perhaps years hence” revisited again

    Back in 2013, the editors of The News & Observer were so adamant that Republican economic reforms would fail that they sneered that "Perhaps years hence, North Carolina will be thriving economically, and credit will belong to these stout Republicans who persevered…"
    Jon Sanders, May 9, 2019
  • Modernizing our ABC system

    The John Locke Foundation has released my follow-up report on the need to modernize and free up our alcoholic beverage control system. It opens with a tale of two North Carolina entrepreneurs: Bob, a sweet potato farmer, and Amber, a distiller who makes rum.
    Jon Sanders, May 9, 2019
  • Deep education and true friendship

    George and West are ideological foes, but they are friends. Their lesson is vitally important for higher education, which has become so warped over the past couple of decades.
    Jon Sanders, May 3, 2019
  • House budget would at least not revert back to the old film tax incentives

    Although there still is legislation to revert the state's film grant program back to the open-ended and likely unconstitutional refundable film tax incentives program, the state House budget does not make such a change.
    Jon Sanders, May 2, 2019
  • A shame this story on licensing reform isn’t from North Carolina

    North Carolina is partly responsible for the de-licensing revolution going on in other states. But oddly enough, so far we've been sitting it out. So the Wall Street Journal writes about "Arizona's Licensing Liberation."
    Jon Sanders, April 30, 2019
  • Create arbitrary costs on general contractors for what?

    What point would this serve? Even if this new requirement were supposed to address a burning need in the state (which is highly unlikely), the fact that only two of the eight hours would be of a mandatory course strongly suggests it's unnecessary. Requiring six hours a year on elective instruction? What is that but to enrich the board and the instructors?
    Jon Sanders, April 29, 2019
  • Bipartisan bill would make NC a license state for liquor

    Carolina Journal has the story on support for the newly filed House Bill 971 from the N.C. Restaurant and Lodging Association and N.C. Retail Merchants Association. The bill would basically clear a path for private liquor stores in North Carolina.
    Jon Sanders, April 26, 2019