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  • Steven Pinker on the Need for “Factfulness”

    The Harvard Gazette recently asked Pinker, “What is one thing wrong with the world that you would change, and why?” His response: Too many leaders and influencers, including politicians, journalists, intellectuals, and academics, surrender to the cognitive bias of assessing the world through anecdotes and images rather…
    Jon Guze, June 24, 2019
  • Three Cheers for Country Time!

    ABC News reports: Country Time is doubling down on its campaign to save one of America’s favorite summer past times – children’s lemonade stands. The drink maker has been paying fines for kids across the country who have had their unpermitted stands shut down.
    Jon Guze, June 21, 2019
  • Coleman Hughes on Reparations

    Though he’s still just an undergraduate, Coleman Hughes has already established himself as an original and articulate thinker, especially when it comes to the topic of race relations in America. He testified today at the House Judiciary Subcommittee hearing on Bill H.R. 40 (the slavery reparations bill). You can read his…
    Jon Guze, June 21, 2019
  • Another Take on the Future of Conservatism

    As I’ve pointed out in a couple of recent blogposts, there’s a pretty intense debate going on among American conservatives about the future of their movement. In “How Trump Voters Are Giving the Right Qualms About Capitalism,” Park MacDougald puts that debate in a…
    Jon Guze, June 20, 2019
  • “What Do the [Tech] Oligarchs Have in Mind for Us?”

    Nothing good, according to Joel Kotkin! In a recent piece at Quillette, he writes: The rulers of the Valley and its Puget Sound doppelganger now account for eight of the 20 wealthiest people on the planet. Seventy percent of the 56 billionaires under 40…
    Jon Guze, June 19, 2019
  • In Case You Missed It

    Monday was the birthday of one of America’s great inventors. Ruth Graves was born on June 17, 1903, and in 1938 she invented the chocolate chip cookie. From her biography on Wikipedia: In 1930, [Graves] and her husband bought … the Toll House Inn … [l]ocated about…
    Jon Guze, June 19, 2019
  • The Future of Conservatism: The Debate Continues

    In a recent blogpost, I provided links to several installments in an ongoing debate over the future of conservatism, including Sohrab Ahmari’s attack on David French that started the whole thing, French’s response to that attack, and Ross Douthat’s attempt to put the debate in some sort…
    Jon Guze, June 19, 2019
  • “Red, white, and gray”

    That’s the title of a new report written by Lyman Stone and published by the American Enterprise Institute. In it, Stone discusses something most of us know but don’t like to think about: “Americans are getting older.” Here are some excerpts from the executive summary: While we…
    Jon Guze, June 14, 2019