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  • “If we keep up our current strategy of suppression based on indiscriminate social distance for 12 to 18 months, most of us will still be alive. It is our economy that will be dead.”

    That’s the conclusion of a recent NYT opinion piece by economist Paul Romer. In “Will Our Economy Die From Coronavirus?,” Romer recommends an alternative to our current strategy: To protect our way of life, we need to shift within a couple of months to a targeted approach…
    Jon Guze, March 26, 2020
  • North Carolina Based Company Hanesbrands Steps Up

    The Winston-Salem Journal reports: Hanesbrands Inc. will begin producing cotton surgical masks at some of its factories in Latin American as part of a federal contract to combat a national shortage of face masks resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic. At peak output, the company expects…
    Jon Guze, March 22, 2020
  • Interesting Suggestion from Lyman Stone

    “The only way America beats this is if curve-flattening becomes an interstate competition that replaces our lost sporting leagues.”…
    Jon Guze, March 20, 2020
  • Some Good News Regarding COVID-19

    A group of Chinese scientists have just published the resultus of a study in which they compared transmission rates for various Chinese cities. They find that, “High Temperature and High Humidity Reduce the Transmission of COVID-19.” Here’s the Abstract: This paper investigates how air temperature and humidity…
    Jon Guze, March 16, 2020
  • Who needs coronavirus tests when we have a 450 page communications manual?

    In the fight against the coronavirus, the Washington Post thinks public trust is “the most powerful weapon officials possess,” and it is outraged that Trump is “eroding” public trust by failing to follow CDC guidelines about how to talk to the public.
    Jon Guze, March 16, 2020
  • A Leftist Environmentalist Reveals His True Colors

    Sky News editor Ed Conway writes: [I]f you were a young, hardline environmentalist looking for the ultimate weapon against climate change, you could hardly design anything better than coronavirus. Unlike most other such diseases, it kills mostly the old who, let’s face it, are more likely to be climate sceptics.
    Jon Guze, March 13, 2020
  • Coronavirus: If Matt Ridley’s Worried, We Should All Be Worried

    In a recent opinion piece called “Coronavirus is the wolf on the loose,”English science writer Matt Ridley begins by saying: In Aesop’s fable about the boy who cried “Wolf!”, the point of the tale is that eventually there was a wolf, but the boy was not believed…
    Jon Guze, March 11, 2020
  • The UN General Assembly has voted to make Venezuela a member of its Human Rights Council

    If that sounds crazy to you, you’re not alone. Here’s what Terry Glavin said about it in a recent article in McClean’s: Headquartered in the pleasant surroundings of the Palais des Nations overlooking Lake Geneva in Switzerland, the UN Human Rights Council, which replaced the…
    Jon Guze, March 5, 2020