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  • Re: Easley and the Mortgage Veto

    When the governor says that working families in the state “wouldn’t benefit” from the bill he vetoed, he typified the problem with regulators who claim to speak for the public. How come they think they can? In a free society, “working families” decide whether to get a loan, and take…
    Locker Room contributor, August 20, 2003
  • Governor vetoes mortgage lending bill

    Today, Gov. Easley used his gubernatorial veto power for the third time in his career and its existence. Easley vetoed legislation that would allow consumer finance companies to charge higher fees. “This legislation has no economic benefit to North Carolina or our working families. It would simply increase the…
    Locker Room contributor, August 20, 2003
  • Even More Locke News

    Welcome everyone to the latest feature of the John Locke Foundation’s popular home base on the World Wide Web. We hope that The Locker Room will become a lively and informative discussion of the issues, serious and not-so-serious, that we are tracking and studying within the John Locke Foundation family.
    Locker Room contributor, August 19, 2003
  • Locke Foundation Launches Blog

    The John Locke Foundation launched it?s own web log today at The Locker Room will feature fast and informative insights to breaking news around North Carolina, with incisive opinions and commentary from all The John Locke Foundation staff, fellows and scholars. Log on every day to read what?s…
    Locker Room contributor, August 19, 2003