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  • Success Without Excess: a water symposium

    Yesterday, on July 14th, the Toro Company, North Carolina Green Industry Council, N.C. State University and Smith Turf & Irrigation presented “Success Without Excess”, a day long event in support of The Irrigation Associations Smart Irrigation Month. The event was held at the North Carolina State University’s McKimmon Center in…
    Erin McBrayer, July 15, 2011
  • Joint Legislative Program Evaluation Oversight Committee

    Today the committee discussed several of the matters they are dealing with this year, which includes: –       Completing a report on the state retirement system by this fall –       Taking a look at the state motor vehicle fleet –       A follow-up on the original state aircraft report –       The examination of motor vehicle registration…
    Erin McBrayer, June 28, 2011
  • Government Reduction Act (a.k.a. Commission Reduction)

    Over the past year or so the Carolina Journal has published several articles concerning the large number of boards and commissions in North Carolina, many of which are unnecessary. C.J. editor Rick Henderson wrote a column about the need for elimination of many of the over 400 boards and commissions.
    Erin McBrayer, June 9, 2011
  • Senate Finance

    A plethora of bills were passed at a crowded Finance Committee meeting.  H.B. 432, H.B 167, H.B 335, H.B. 292, H.B. 414, H.B. 313, H.B. 532, H.B. 545, S.B. 131, H.B. 318,  H.B. 243, S.B. 447 and H.B. 692 were all approved in rapid succession, prompting Rep. Brawley to comment…
    Erin McBrayer, June 8, 2011
  • House Commerce- Business and Labor

    A number of bills were passed quickly  in committee today: H.B. 237, Economic Impact/Regulatory Legislation H.B. 24, Expand Duties of Economic Dev. Oversight Comm. S.B. 183, Selective Vegetation Removal/State Highways S.B. 438, Clarify Motor Vehicle Licensing Law…
    Erin McBrayer, June 8, 2011
  • House Finance

    Early this morning the House Finance Committee met to discuss several of the bills on their calendar. For the first hour H.B. 315, Taxpayer Information Act, was debated. Several people from the public spoke in favor of the bill, including Robert Orr, from the N.C. Institute for Constitutional Law, a…
    Erin McBrayer, June 8, 2011
  • House Judiciary B

    Today the House Judiciary B Committee made it through several bills. H.B. 636, Amend Financial Transaction Card Theft, passed unanimously . H.B. 742, Weigh Marijuana/Conform to Federal Law, also passed unanimously. H.B. 761, Ignition Interlock Systems/Record Check, did the same and was referred to Fiance. H.B. 12, PCS Entitled: Pseudoephedrine/Schedule…
    Erin McBrayer, June 7, 2011
  • House Appropriations Committee

    H.B. 14, Vietnam Veterans and Beirut Memorial Signs, passed H.B 351, Restore Confidence in Government, a bill which is supposed to reduce voter fraud by requiring either a picture I.D., a voter I.D. card or another method of identification (such as a utilities bill) in order to cast a ballot.
    Erin McBrayer, June 7, 2011