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  • Not Even Close: See How Badly Trump Beat The Field in CPAC Poll

    More fodder for those who still wonder how much influence 45 has over the Republican Party, particularly conservatives. Here’s the CPAC straw poll from the weekend’s conference. Other than Trump, it appears Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is the rising GOP star for these conservatives. Speaking of DeSantis, what…
    Donna Martinez, July 12, 2021
  • Lives Transformed: N.C.’s Pro-Child Republican General Assembly Deserves The Credit

    Empowered parents and thriving kids. That’s what it boils down to when we talk about North Carolina’s school choice movement. It’s not anti-district school to support putting mom and dad in the driver’s seat. It’s pro-child. Kids are unique. They have different personalities. Unique aptitudes. Special needs. Individual challenges. Particular…
    Donna Martinez, July 9, 2021
  • WATCH THE AD: “Woke” Major League Baseball Targeted

    Back in May, I asked this question: Is Major League Baseball proud of itself now? Back then I wrote this: Honestly, sometimes you have to wonder why some people don’t bother to think about the impact of their decisions. Woke Major League Baseball moved the All-Star game out of…
    Donna Martinez, July 8, 2021
  • Biden & Cooper OK Forcing Businesses To Compete Against Gov’t Benefits

    It’s happened to me twice. The first time was about a month ago, when I grabbed a take-out order from my favorite Wake County sandwich shop. I was one of the last people who walked in before the manager shut the doors early – at 6 p.m. – because of…
    Donna Martinez, July 7, 2021
  • Must Be The Polls

    Tap here for more Carolina Journal cartoons. The cartoon is spot-on. Remember this ridiculous moment with White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki?…
    Donna Martinez, July 7, 2021
  • What’s Happened To Comedy Is No Laughing Matter

    UPDATE: This post now includes audio of Christopher Bedford’s commentary upon which his column is based. You’ll find it below. ———– Count me among those who are tired of woke politics, woke business, woke sports, and woke Hollywood. These days it’s nearly impossible to find comedy that’s simply funny by…
    Donna Martinez, July 6, 2021
  • 3 Charter School Facts That Could Change Your Child’s Life

    Do you have to pay tuition for your child to attend a North Carolina public charter school? NO. Do you have to live in a county in order for your child to attend a charter school there? NO. Are charter schools popular?…
    Donna Martinez, July 6, 2021
  • Celebrating Liberty!

    Donna Martinez, July 4, 2021