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  • Gallup: “Biden’s approval rating is showing the first signs of meaningful decline.”

    An unchecked border crisis. Out-of-control spending and debt. Unwillingness to lead the way on a bipartisan deal to build and maintain roads, bridges, and broadband access. And now, inflation that’s making Americans pay more for the necessities of life – and at the worst possible time. Over…
    Donna Martinez, July 26, 2021
  • The Money Has Piled Up: 90% of COVID Education Dollars Is UNSPENT

    It came so fast and in such huge sums that schools can’t even begin to spend it all. That’s the fact when it comes to COVID-19 relief money appropriated to education. Look at these numbers. It’s stunning. And what you see below is just a partial list. Find the…
    Donna Martinez, July 23, 2021
  • Friday Rewind: Schwarzenegger Describes Fear While Living In Soviet-Occupied Austria

    For those who believe this country is a terrible place, a place where discrimination is the rule and only the rich prosper, I suggest taking a listen to this first-hand description of totalitarianism. It comes from Arnold Schwarzenegger, who spoke to the 2004 Republican National Convention. It is a…
    Donna Martinez, July 23, 2021
  • Q&A With Superintendent Truitt On Cooper’s Mask Guidance For School Kids

    Following Gov. Roy Cooper’s announcement Wednesday that his updated guidance urges public schools to require kids in grades K-8 to wear face masks indoors when the new term begins, I talked with Superintendent of Public Instruction Catherine Truitt on my radio show on WPTF. First, here is what the…
    Donna Martinez, July 22, 2021
  • Will Gov. Cooper Require Kids To Wear Masks In School This Fall?

    Ahead of Gov. Roy Cooper’s Wednesday news conference, Locke’s Terry Stoops looked at the pressing issue for parents of school-aged kids. Will kids be required to wear masks in the classroom when school resumes in the fall? WATCH.
    Donna Martinez, July 21, 2021
  • Who’s Next?

    And now you know why 1984 is a bestseller in 2021. As I pointed out recently: Free speech and free thought. If we don’t defend them, we won’t have them. Here’s what George Washington University constitutional law professor Jonathan Turley has to say about the White House’s…
    Donna Martinez, July 21, 2021
  • Politically Correct Gender Bias In the UNC System

    A friend of mine couldn’t believe it. She, her husband, and her teenage son had spent weeks scouring university websites and sites that cater to college-bound kids. Like so many families, they were searching for the right college, and for scholarships and grants to help pay for it. To her…
    Donna Martinez, July 20, 2021
  • Time For Conservatives To Stake a Claim For Safe Spaces

    Think safe spaces are solely the purview of the Left? Watch Duke economist Mike Munger explain his view of safe spaces on university campuses – safe spaces for everyone.    …
    Donna Martinez, July 20, 2021