Donna Martinez

Senior Writer and Editor
Donna came to the John Locke Foundation in January 2003 after freelance writing for Carolina Journal and contributing to projects for the North Carolina Education Alliance. Her career has been spent in marketing, public relations and writing, and includes 11 years at The Arizona Republic, the daily newspaper serving metropolitan Phoenix. Donna co-hosts Carolina Journal Radio, JLF's weekly syndicated radio show. She is a graduate of Arizona State University and is married to Rick Martinez, VP of News and Information at Curtis Media Group. Donna and Rick host "The Triangle's Afternoon News with Rick and Donna," a weekday 3 to 6 pm radio talk show heard from the Triangle through eastern North Carolina on NewsRadio 680 WPTF. She and Rick live in Wake County with their dogs Bo and Hank.

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  • Will Sen. Thom Tillis Vote To Impeach Donald Trump? He Answers Our Questions.

    We have a new president, but what about the fate of the previous one? The U.S. House of Representatives has impeached Donald Trump for a second time. Will the U.S. Senate convict him? One of the senators who will have to make that vote is North Carolina’s Thom Tillis. On…
    Donna Martinez, January 21, 2021
  • Soaking the rich with a wealth tax

    It’s so easy to let jealousy trump good sense. I think that’s what a ‘wealth tax’ is all about. A wealth tax, you see, is much more than hiking taxes on high earners because you think they don’t pay their ‘fair share.’ It’s about taking away the fruits of…
    Donna Martinez, January 21, 2021
  • Trump +19 others: Who’s been impeached and why

    Donald John Trump is the first United States President to be impeached twice. We are still waiting for his second impeachment — on one article of inciting insurrection — to make its way to the United States Senate for trial. USA Facts notes that since 1797, 20 federal officials…
    Donna Martinez, January 20, 2021
  • Collusive Settlements: How Friendly ‘Opponents’ Team Up To Overturn Laws

    “Legislators, regardless of party, have an interest in making sure that the laws they pass are not dismantled through collusive lawsuit settlements between executive agencies and like-minded litigants.” From Andy Jackson’s Jan. 19 analysis of election integrity in North Carolina You may not even…
    Donna Martinez, January 20, 2021
  • Democrats think Georgia win is model for turning North Carolina blue

    Democrats think they’ve found in Georgia the winning strategy to transform North Carolina from a battleground state to a solidly blue state. The Hill reports: Democrats and organizers point chiefly to the region’s substantial Black population for their optimism. Mississippi has the highest percentage of African Americans in the…
    Donna Martinez, January 19, 2021
  • Biden’s $15 Minimum Wage: Who Wins and Who Loses

    President Joe Biden has proposed a $1.9 trillion relief package. As City Journal puts it, “Feel Good Now – Pay Later.” Columnist Allison Schrager keys in on a key component: a federal minimum wage hike to $15 per hour. The plan includes a national $15 minimum wage and elimination…
    Donna Martinez, January 19, 2021
  • North Carolina’s Connection To The ‘I Have a Dream’ Speech

    Dignity and opportunity for every human being, no matter one’s background, zip code, race, creed, economic circumstance, or ideology. It’s what we seek through our work at the John Locke Foundation. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s words and voice remind us that injustice is real and that we each…
    Donna Martinez, January 16, 2021
  • School choice can help mend our cultural conflicts

    With civic and political conflict headlining the news nearly every day, I’ve been searching for a bright spot on which to pin my hopes for reconciliation in this country. I’ve found a glimmer, thanks to Carolina Journal Opinion Editor Ray Nothstine. Ray writes about the collapse of civic…
    Donna Martinez, January 14, 2021