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  • Federal judge sides with Oklahoma that IRS unlawfully rewrote Obamacare rules

    Oklahoma was the first state to challenge Obamacare in the courts for what is widely considered an unlawful rewrite of the Affordable Care Act by the IRS. “We believe that our position is strong on the merits. We believe that the IRS is acting clearly inconsistent with…
    Dan E. Way, September 30, 2014
  • How much interest is there in our massive and growing federal debt?

    It’s not the sort of thing most Americans pay attention to, and if asked to do a close examination of it their minds would probably numb and eyes glaze over into a bored crust. But the colossal amount of federal debt this nation has accumulated, and the financial energy the…
    Dan E. Way, September 4, 2014
  • Negotiating budgets in the sunshine tough, but laudable open-government exercise

    State House and Senate budget negotiators dragged the sputtering negotiating vehicle from the latest mud hole in which it was swamped on Wednesday, but not without a little tongue-lashing, finger wagging, and tart remarks from Senate Republicans who temporarily walked out of a negotiating session. "You know, sometimes tempers flare," House Speaker Thom Tillis said after the contentious joint budget conference committee meeting. There was a plus side. The toe-to-toe session ended up like one of those reflexive, if strained, sibling handshakes after a friendly, backyard wrestling match devolved into UFC combat. It lured House negotiators out of their budget bunkers into a compromise on viscous differences in lottery revenue projections to get the process moving again. It is apparent the grinding task of hammering out the final details of the 2014-15 budget is beginning to fray some nerves. A House decision to devote its full one-hour allotment of budget compromise discussion Wednesday morning to bringing in school superintendents, a principal, and a classroom teacher to push the version of the House education budget that has the backing of Gov. Pat McCrory only added the proverbial fuel to the fire. Senate Majority Leader Harry Brown, R-Onslow, objected to the maneuver, and when Rep. Nelson Dollar, R-Wake, refused to pull the speakers from the agenda, Senate negotiators walked out.
    Dan E. Way, July 9, 2014
  • House bill would end revolving door employment between state and contractors

    A bill moving through the state House of Representatives would impose a six-month waiting period on state employees before they could work for businesses that contract with the state, and companies would lose their state contracts if they violated the moratorium. Known as the No Revolving Door Employment Act, House Bill 1036 passed the House State Personnel Committee on June 18 and was referred to Judiciary Subcommittee A. “The reason that this bill has come before you today [is] in the last few months, and maybe even in the last year, we look back and we see people who have been hired by state agencies, and at certain times there are contracts for computer services and programs, in most cases these are very lucrative, and we spend a lot of time on these contracts,” said state Rep. Julia Howard, R-Davie. “And the next thing we see that happens, the state employee who has been charged to help negotiate those contracts, they leave the state agency and go to work for the vendor,” Howard said.
    Dan E. Way, June 23, 2014
  • CBO report discusses smaller Obamacare subsidies, raising Medicare premiums

    Medicare recipients and providers might be interested in a new Congressional Budget Office analysis of federal health care policy presented Jan. 29 to the Healthcare Leadership Council by CBO Director Doug Elmendorf. It acknowledges that “cutting federal subsidies for health insurance would help the budget but would leave affected…
    Dan E. Way, January 30, 2014
  • Tax reform can make U.S. competitive again

    While they may tell you there are deep differences in their positions and policies, too many politicians on the left and the right eagerly embrace the coercive force of big government when it is in their best political survival interests to curry favor with certain segments of their constituency. On…
    Dan E. Way, October 30, 2013
  • Reporting and accuracy: Will ever the Twain meet?

    Some while back I had the privilege and distinction of working for several years on the Board of Directors of the Louisiana-Mississippi Associated Press Managing Editors organization, the last of which I had the honor to serve as president of the group. That involvement brought with it both a sense…
    Dan E. Way, October 18, 2013
  • A little rain falls on Wake schools transportation praise parade

    One might have thought there was no oxygen in the room given the breathless accounts of stellar performance regarding student transportation during the opening days of Wake County schools. At a Wake County Board of Education meeting Tuesday night, Schools Superintendent Jim Merrill was delighted to report that more than…
    Dan E. Way, September 4, 2013