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  • How to resolve learning loss

    Learning loss and how to deal with it continues to be a major topic of discussion in legislatures across the country. Last week HB 82, introduced by House Republicans, proposed a six week in-classroom summer session targeted on at risk-kids as a way to help redress the growing negative…
    Bob Luebke, February 24, 2021
  • The real goal of diversity?

    Did you know objectivity is a form of white supremacy culture? Well, now you do. That’s one of the nuggets that participants can expect when they attend seminars put on by Equity Leaders.  The Daily Wire recently reported on one superintendent who attended a session where participants…
    Bob Luebke, February 18, 2021
  • Why are  the public schools still closed?

    The call  to reopen public schools has been gaining volume of late. Parents and students are clamoring for school to open while others say schools still aren’t safe to open. Were those the key factors in this discussion, schools  would be open.  Teacher unions have played a critical role in…
    Bob Luebke, February 12, 2021
  • School reopenings: Gov. Cooper style

    Let’s say that even for the most objective and fair minded, it’s hard to ignore the timing. Three days after hundreds of parents rallied in front of the Governor’s mansion asking Governor Cooper to reopen the public schools and two hours before the Senate Education Committee approved a…
    Bob Luebke, February 3, 2021
  • NC and school choice: It’s been a long road.

    School choice in North Carolina is flourishing. Today more than 370,000 students attend charter, private or home schools in the Tar Heel State.  That’s works out to about 1 in 5 students in North Carolina are enrolled in schools other than traditional public schools.  Families can choose from charter, magnet,…
    Bob Luebke, January 29, 2021
  • NC School Choice: By The Numbers

    How many charter schools are in North Carolina? Does the Opportunity Scholarship Program save money for taxpayers?  Do North Carolinians support the idea of school choice? Find answers to those questions and other interesting nuggets  in our latest graphic, School Choice by the Numbers. Download it here. Also, don’t…
    Bob Luebke, January 28, 2021
  • It’s time to celebrate school choice!

    Next week is National School Choice Week (NSCW).  NSCW is when thousands join to celebrate the ability of parents to choose the school or learning environment that best fits their children. This year, National School Choice Week is January 24-30, 2021.  As you might expect, with the pandemic, many…
    Bob Luebke, January 21, 2021
  • School re-openings and COVID-19: what are we learning?

    Do school re-openings dramatically increase the chance of contracting Covid-19? The conventional wisdom said yes and helped to justify school closures and transitions to virtual learning. Nearly ten months into a pandemic, however, no one is happy with the paths many schools have taken; teachers are anxious and tressed; students…
    Bob Luebke, January 14, 2021